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Hemp Seed is now closer than ever before to been …

Hemp Seed is now closer than ever before to been approved for sale for human consumption in Australia.

Despite worldwide acceptance of hemp seed as a food, Australia still prohibits sale of this product.

For the past 18 years, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has patiently researched and assessed whether approval of hemp seeds should be granted. Repeatedly, FSANZ has recommended to the Federal Government Food Forum, which is part of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), that approval be given. Unfortunately, certain Federal and State representatives have resisted approval, citing public perception that hemp could be confused with marijuana.

Today, the Board of FSANZ announced its recommendation of approval of hemp seed food. This food standards recommendation will be presented at the upcoming Food Forum meeting at COAG, scheduled for 28 April 2017.

Fingers crossed. This will be great for Hemp Co, as we have been working hard on a Hemp food range for a long time. Great for our farmers too, as there is now a crop that has a viable industry here in Australia.

Hemp Co, got excellent feedback from the …

Hemp Co, got excellent feedback from the passengers and crew, that came to Margaret River with Qantas and Emirates via a private charter, for the Leeuwin Concert. We donated a Hemp shopping bag with logo’s of our parent companies ‘Hemp Homes Australia’ and Hemp Foods Western Australia’ , plus a mini Hemp hand moisturiser. The guests were thrilled with their gift bags and appreciative of the warm welcome they received.

Medicinal Marijuana given the Green Light. …

Medicinal Marijuana given the Green Light.

As you may already know, our Health Minister Greg Hunt announced yesterday, companies will be permitted to apply to distribute cannabis oils and medications locally, establishing an immediate legal marijuana trade. News Corp Australia understands the government has been actively discussing the issue with half a dozen companies who are ready to distribute immediately.
Due to no available legal market in Australia, until now they were forced to import medicinal cannabis products from overseas or turn to the black market. Importation from overseas often meant cannabis products were unable to be received for months due to regulatory paperwork and compliance. Patients were also forced to obtain an importation permit for each specific importation from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

So how does this effect the Industrial Hemp Industry in Australia?
The answer is very little and nothing for industrial hemp farmers.
However, surely now Hemp Foods, should get the Green Light too!!
Let’s see what happens in April.
Hemp Foods would be a very viable industry for our farmers here in Australia.