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11 Insightful Hemp Books To Empower Curious Minds

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September 6th is Read A Book Day, so we've decided to make some recommendations for Hemp books.

What are you curious to learn about Hemp?

Are you looking at using Hemp Food for Health and Wellness? Keen to learn more about CBD for medical purposes? Maybe you're wondering about the environmental benefits of growing Hemp. Or you might want to get a full run-down on all of the above & more.

Being such a broad topic, this single plant has inspired a substantial number of educational hemp books over the years - So many that it's hard to pick a single favourite!

We've gone ahead and found some of the most groundbreaking hemp books covering its history, uses, and benefits so you can take your pick from the bunch.

So, without further ado, here are our 11 top hemp books written to educate curious minds on Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis!

Hemp For Victory

Hemp for Victory 600x600 1
Hemp For Victory

Hemp For Victory is a hemp book titled as a homage to the American War campaign that asked farmers to grow Hemp as a critical resource for battle.  The book dives into the history of Hemp and its various uses, as well as the reasons society should begin utilising this plant as much as possible - as soon as possible.

Author: Kenyon Gibson

The Hempcrete Book

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The Hempcrete Book

The Hempcrete Book is a classic manual for professionals and hobbyists alike. It explains in detail how to utilise Hempcrete in new builds and restoration and dives into the perks, pitfalls, & common errors when it comes to building with Hempcrete.

Author: William Stanwix & Alex Sparrow

A Modern Introduction To Hemp

Modern Introduction To Hemp 600x600 1
A Modern Introduction To Hemp

Paul Benhaim is a leading Australian Hemp Entrepreneur and early adopter.  In his hemp book, he details everything to do with Hemp - From food to fibre.  This hemp books great run-down on the diverse applications of Hemp in modern society. 

Author: Chris Conrad

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Emperor Wears No Clothes 600x600 1
The Emperor Wears No Clothes

This revolutionary hemp book written by Jack Herer details the petrochemical and paper industry’s plot to wage war on this beneficial plant.

As a significant chunk of Jack Herer's legacy, it's safe to say it won't be out of fashion or outdated any time soon. With more than 600,000 copies sold in the last 20 years, this is an absolute must-read for all Hemp enthusiasts.

Author: Jack Herer

The Hemp Cookbook

the hemp cookbook 600x600 1
The Hemp Cookbook

Todd Dallato’s Hemp Cookbook is a collection of delicious recipes - each incorporating our favourite plant. This hemp book will teach you how to leverage the unique nutritional properties of Hemp in your kitchen with one simple, easy to follow read!

Author: Todd Dallato

The Great Book Of Hemp

Great Book Of Hemp 600x600 1
The Great Book Of Hemp

The Great Book Of Hemp is an all-in-one hemp book that covers the diverse history of Hemp and the various ways it has been used throughout time.  Learn how Hemp can step up to and solve a range of the world’s most pressing environmental problems while simultaneously aiding the economy & ecosystem.  

Author: Rown Robinson

The Hemp Manifesto

The Hemp Manifesto 600x600 1
The Hemp Manifesto

The Hemp Manifesto is a hemp book that dives into 101 ways that Hemp can save our world. From food to fuel, paper, and plastic - Hemp can do it all. You’ll also learn about some of the most impressive and shocking facts about Hemp!

Author: Rowan Robinson


Hempathy 561x600 1

Ivan Artuchovich’s ‘Hempathy’ is an illustrated introduction that smooths the newcomer’s transition into the world of Hemp. For anybody new to the idea of Hemp and medicinal cannabis, this hemp book offers a simplified and streamlined level of understanding. A must-have on the sustainability shelf!

Author: Ivan Art

Hemp: Lifeline to the Future

Hemp A Lifeline To Our Future 1 600x600 1

This comprehensive book on Hemp is one of the most well-researched hemp books on the politics, uses, and history of Hemp on earth. Who would have guessed that the 'evil' cannabis plant could offer so many solutions?

Author: Chris Conrad

Hemp: A short history

Short History Hemp 600x600 1
Hemp: A Short History

‘Hemp’ is an engaging book that explores the controversial history of humanity’s oldest agricultural ally. Alongside the long struggle to have it recognised as a helpful plant, this hemp book also speculates on the direction it’s headed in the future.

Author: Mark Bourrie

Hemp For Health

Hemp for Health 600x600 1
Hemp For Health

Hemp For Health covers every known medicinal and nutritional benefit that the cannabis plant can offer. From A-to-Z, this hemp book investigates both legal and illegal health advantages of our favourite plant and how anybody can utilise them.

Author: Chris Conrad

Wrap-Up/Final Words

We want to extend a special 'thank you' to all of the authors, researchers, and activists who have dedicated their time and expertise towards educating people about cannabis! Without these contributions, much of this information could have been lost in history.

Prohibition did its best to wipe the world of its memory of cannabis, but the effort was in vain. Due to the written word of these remarkable figures, there is more hope than ever.

What are your favourite hemp books?