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17 Powerful Hemp Quotes | Historic Figures & Pioneers Undeniably Defining Hemp History

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Hemp has been a beloved plant that has stood the testament of time, and as a result, many powerful or influential figures have displayed their love and gratitude for Hemp.

Hemp is an amazing and versatile plant known for its huge benefits - so it is no surprise that many people have overwhelmingly positive things to say about this plant!

Whether you are looking to use hemp products to relax, ease muscle or joint pain, benefit from its carbon sequestration properties or avail of durable and eco-conscious hemp clothing - I think it is safe to say this plant can save our world. Let's take a look at some of the most inspirational quotes others have to say about hemp!

"Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed, and sow it everywhere"

– George Washington
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I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with George Washington - a founding father and the first president of America. Hemp receiving such high praise from a hugely influential figure who did so much good in his life - says it all!

"Hemp will be the future of mankind, or there won’t be a future"

Jack Herer
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In an age where global warming is becoming more evident and threatening, sequestrating carbon from the atmosphere needs to be a priority. Additionally, reducing our carbon footprint, landfill waste, and water waste is a big issue - and hemp can be a solution to a large majority of these issues. 

"Industrial hemp is a very useful plant. I challenged the attorney general to get rid of the criminal stigma associated with hemp so we can look at it in terms of how it might be useful."

– Jesse Ventura
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Industrial hemp is becoming widely more popular as an alternative for many products such as fabric, among others. More and more people are questioning governments or other authority bodies on why access to industrial hemp is still difficult, even when the benefits are so evident.

"Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation"

– Thomas Jefferson
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Thomas Jefferson is another hugely symbolic figure in American history - being the third president of the country and an allay for the hemp community.

His contribution to America by helping write the Declaration of Independence is something is most known for, but his acceptance and approval of hemp need to be more widely known.

"As with most consensual crimes, this prohibition of hemp is both silly and sinister."

– Peter McWilliams
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A very important quote that needs to be recognized is the sheer volume of people who have been indicted for a crime by having hemp is truly a crime against humanity. The laws on hemp need to be reduced.

"Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp and playing my Hohner harmonica."

Abraham Lincoln
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Ah, Abraham Lincoln - often considered one of the best American presidents thanks to his tireless work on abolishing slavery. But did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a huge advocate for hemp? If it's good enough for this president - it should be good enough for us all. 

"Since 1937, about half the forests in the world have been cut down to make paper. If hemp had not been outlawed, most would still be standing, oxygenating the planet."

– Alan Bock
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Sadly, this is a very harsh reality. The deforestation of some of our most needed forests, such as the Amazon rainforest, could have been severely avoided with the help of hemp. Not only does hemp grow faster than the majority of other plants, its natural carbon sequestration benefits mean growing hemp can only produce positive results.

"I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can’t make you high, but they will make you feel good."

– Ziggy Marley
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Ziggy Marley - son of Bob Marley is a big supporter of hemp, following in his father's footsteps. Additionally, he provides accurate information about the differences between hemp seeds and cannabis. 

"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"

– Henry Ford
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Hemp is an extremely fast-growing crop - typically four times faster than cotton, for example. The benefits that can be acquired by using hemp plants instead of other slow-growing crops, which take an increased amount of water, time and space to grow.

"Imagine people growing hemp and making everything from food to fuel without petroleum!"

Josh Tickell
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Yep, imagine! Hemp fuel is a fast emerging trend and is quickly showing evidence as a much more sustainable option that can be hugely environmentally beneficial. Fuel options are quickly becoming short supply, so hemp as an alternative is fantastic.

"The Anglo-Saxon farmers had scarce conquered foothold, stronghold, freehold in the Western wilderness before they became sowers of hemp–with remembrance of Virginia, with remembrance of dear ancestral Britain."

– James Lane Allen
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James Lane Allen was a brilliant author in America during the 19th century. He spoke proudly of his support and passion about hemp! 

"Industrial hemp is a safe substance with many practical commercial applications."

– Cory Gardner
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Substantial evidence supports how safe industrial hemp is as a plant and for personal use. The more studies that are done to test and support this fact, as Cory Gardener said.

"We shall by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption."

– John Adams
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The second American president and another president in big support of the outstanding benefits of hemp, John Adams, was a supporter of personal use of hemp products - recognising its safety and benefit.

"As a physician, I recommend nutritious hemp seeds and oil to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet. Everyone will benefit when American farmers can grow this amazing crop once again."

– Andrew Weil
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More and more physicians are coming forward to recommend the amazing benefits that hemp seeds and hemp seed oil can provide as part of a balanced, healthy diet. Hemp seeds are rich in essential omega acids such as omega three, omega six and omega nine - as well as numerous other nutritional benefits. 

"There is no reason, in a free society, that farmers shouldn’t be allowed to raise hemp. Hemp is a good product."

– Ron Paul
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The freedom to grow safe and beneficial plants on your own land as a farmer is something that should be a constitutional right for farmers around the world. Hemp is a safe and hugely beneficial plant - there is no reason for the illegality surrounding it. 

"We can build a high-speed fully automated system of production from durable, lightweight bioplastic and graphene, out of hemp and other plants, powered by biofuel and hemp batteries, while – because of hemp’s ability to revive soil and absorb CO2 – healing the soil and stabilising the climate in the process. This reconstruction of society, which would raise living standards exponentially for everyone, is not an ideal or a fantasy, it is a necessity both historically and ecologically."

– Ted Reece
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Biofuels are a new and exciting area in that hemp is showing huge potential! Reducing fossil fuels and declining our reliance on them should be at the top of most people's priorities, and one eco-friendly way to do that is by using hemp as a source of natural biofuel.

"More and more people are finding out the benefits of it – hemp and marijuana. The more they delve into it and research it, the more they realize, Hey wait a minute, we should give this another look."

– Willie Nelson
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Willie Nelson, a famous country singer from Texas could not have sent it better. The more advocates speak out about the numerous properties and benefits that hemp and hemp products can provide, the more people who research into it themselves.

All it takes is a short amount of exploration before you can also discover how safe and healthy hemp is.