Hemp home is going well considering the amount of …

Hemp home is going well considering the amount of rain we have had, these photos will document on how we are building, The outer ring beam will support the hempcrete walls and roof,
We are using a new ECO flooring system made here in WA, The Breathable MGO board is 50mm Fire rated termite proof moisture resistant and feels soft under foot, It has held up remarkable as we had 204mm of rain in 5 days just after we laid it, its breathability meant it released the water after a few dry days and dried out ,If we had used our traditional way of underfloor insulation, chipboard , and cement sheet,the floor would have swelled and held water with the amount of rain we had , MGO Board is made up of Magnesium oxide which is a natural mineral and has been used as a bonding agent for mortar in masonry construction for centuries in asia ,also a blend of sawdust and glass mesh fibres cast into trays and cured at ambient temperature ,requiring little or no embodied energy,
The house is now framed and roof should be on by the end of next week,The hemp and binder has arrived , so its all systems go, with this flooring system and hempcrete walls, we are creating a beautiful home that breathes ,and will have no air leaks , thus letting the hempcrete and floor do its thing,We have changed our traditional method of wall framing , to suit our hempcrete walls, these will be documented in the next update

Our super warm sleeveless jacket on sale for $49, …

Our super warm sleeveless jacket on sale for $49, comes in black, bottle and navy. Nice detailed stitching.

Medicinal Cannabis …

Medicinal Cannabis
Georgina from Hemp Co attended the ‘Commonwealth Medicinal Cannabis Initiative’ in Perth yesterday.
Legislation to enable the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal was passed in Parliament on the 29th Feb 2016. Amendments to licensing will come into effect 30th Oct 2016.
It will only be available for specific patient groups under medical supervision. Cannabis grown for medicinal purposes, will be subject to stringent security and quality control measures.
If anyone would like like extra information, please check out the drug control website www.odc.gov.au or email us at hemp@hempco.net.au
Lets hope this gets out the the patients sooner rather than later!

As promised we will document, each stage of the …

As promised we will document, each stage of the Hempcrete home in WA. At the moment we are up to wall framing , but this is how the build begins…..
We are building on coffee rock? ???
Do we excavate and do a cut and fill and cost $$$ or take the risk and go stumps?
That’s what we have chosen stumps,
so here are the first stages
photos show , site set out, and then send in the low embodied machinery off Bella the hole digger , who has TO DIG 110 HOLES
,and wants to keep going,
We will keep posted on this journey as it’s going great so far, next blog well show you the crazy stump set out then followed by the new magnesium oxide and sawdust eps flooring system we have just laid , its awesome.

Great to see Gary in the paper this week

Great to see Gary in the paper this week. ‘Hemp industry ripe for a rich harvest’ Builder and Hemp Co owner Gary Rogers said the region could host a processing plant as more people around WA were granted licences to grow and sell hemp.’The South West of WA is one of the best climates in the world to grow hemp’ he said. ‘All we need is a processing facility’ ‘We’ve got that, we’ve got a billion dollar industry on our door-step’ Gary is building a house from hempcrete, a mixture of water, lime, and hemp stalk hurd. Unused mills could be converted to process hemp and provide jobs. The problem is growers have nowhere to sell their raw produce to get processed.
Laws need to be brought ‘into line with the rest of the world, to reflect changing public opinion on issues like hemp use, medicinal cannabis, and hemp foods.
Hemp Co will be showing updates of our Hemp house, later on this week.

Our Fremantle Store is slowly getting there for …

Our Fremantle Store is slowly getting there for its new renovation! We are still at the ‘Woolstores’ but will be moving hopefully in August. Will keep you all informed.