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Hemp Handbook Table of Contents

  1. Breaking Down Hemp: The Flower
    1. What is ‘Hemp Flower’?
    2. Where on Hemp is the Flower found?
    3. Does Hemp’s Flower contain THC?
    4. What can you use Hemp Flower for?
    5. Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seed
    6. What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?
  2. Breaking Down Hemp: The Leaves
    1. Types of Cannabis Leafs
    2. Juicing Leafs
    3. Other products from Hemp Leaf
  3. Breaking Down Hemp: The Stalk
    1. What is in the Hemp Stalk?
    2. What can be made from Bast Fibres?
    3. What can be made from Hemp Hurd?
  4. Breaking Down Hemp: The Roots
    1. Origins of Hemp Roots as medicine
    2.  What can Hemp Roots be used for?
  5. Hemp and Sustainability: Could Hemp Clean Soil?
    1. Hemp has a deep Taproot
    2. What is Phytoremediation?
    3. How does Phytoremediation work?
    4. What kinds of waste can phytoremediators clean up?
    5. What plants can be used as phytoremediators?
    6. Hemp in cleaning Nuclear Waste
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