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Hempcrete Architecture Through History | 6 Mind-Blowing Uses Of Hempcrete - Past To Present

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Uses Of Hempcrete

There is an ongoing Hempcrete revolution, and it's safe to say this newly rediscovered material isn't going to disappear any time soon.  The world is looking for new, sustainable options for a number of resources so we can continue our way of life without destroying our home planet.

Due to this, the uses of Hempcrete only continue to grow.  Building materials are one of the things that need replacing, and it seems Hempcrete is an old solution offering the world new hope.

Hempcrete isn't new.  It's an ancient material that has been used for thousands of year's - maybe even more.  

It offers a wide range of benefits such as some of the most notable thermal and insulative properties known to man.  On top of that, it's 100% natural & mould resistant.  If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of Hempcrete, click the hyperlinked text!

The most common way Hempcrete has been made is by mixing Hemp Hurd, Limestone powder, & Water. However, other additives can also create viable alternatives (some natural, some synthetic).

This week we’re looking back at the various ways that humans have utilised Hemp for building over the last 2000 years - and also how it’s being used today.

3 Ancient Uses Of Hempcrete

As we mentioned earlier, Hemp has been used in building for thousands of years, and the uses of Hempcrete have always been recognised in one way or another. 

A number of civilisations across the world have successfully utilised the remarkable qualities of Hemp-based materials for many different purposes.  The most interesting thing?  It worked. 

And the fact that they know what worked so long ago goes even further to imply that it had been tested for a long time beforehand, too.  

The real question: How long has Hemp really been used for building?

Here’s what can be traced so far...

Bridges in Ancient Rome (6th Century)

Bridges built by ancient Romans in Gaul (modern-day France) were reinforced with Hemp fibres.  Some of these bridges are still standing today.

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Ellora Caves in India (6th Century)

The cultural artwork in India’s Ellora Caves was coated with a layer of Hemp, Lime blaster, & clay to preserve the integrity of the displays. One of the uses of Hempcrete is in preserving artwork, artifacts, and buildings that could otherwise be degraded by erosion.

Hemp Home in Japan (1698)

A Japanese house built from Hemp in 1968 was made with a certain style of Hempcrete.  It’s still standing today, and the only touch-ups they’ve had to make is the painting.  The house is a prominent historical monument, and the lasting integrity of this structure further demonstrates the Uses of Hempcrete.

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3 Modern Uses Of Hempcrete

Hempcrete Homes

Hempcrete homes have become a trend in recent times.  The environmental & health benefits of using it for houses have resulted in more demand than small startups can supply.  

1st Hemp House in WA under construction 2015 600x411 1

Hempcrete Skatepark Refurbishments 

A Canadian Hemp company by the name of Canadian Greenfield Technologies took the initiative to refurbish run down skateparks with Hemp-based materials in North America.  These steps came before a much larger movement that will come to fruition in 2022 - which you can learn more about below!

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Hempcrete Luge and Sled courses in the 2022 Olympics

Canadian Greenfield Technologies secured a contract that will have them providing Hemp Fibre to be used in the Luge and Bobsled courses for the 2022 Beijing Olympics.  Traditional materials tend to crack and fracture, but the Hemp fibre has proven to be a viable preventative. 

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Wrap-Up/Final Words

So now you know!

As a wise man once said; "Nothing's new, life's all review, just seen in a different way."

It doesn't surprise us that the next era of construction will incorporate Hempcrete. The thing that surprises us most is that we ever abandoned the trade in the first place! Prohibiting the use of Cannabis really messed up the flow, but it was never going to stick.

At the end of the day, it is one of mankind's oldest allies, and it was always going to make its way back into our story.

Through the 90 years that it was condemned, we did more damage to our planet than had been done in thousands of years.

Could Hemp be one of the keys to saving the earth?

Can Hempcrete provide the solution to an unsustainable building & housing industry?

Only time will tell.

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