Is Hemp Chocolate Healthy Chocolate?

Healthy chocolate sounds like a concept meant for fairytales. Although it has not reached the level of quinoa or kale with respect to health status, research has started to come to light that the right chocolate could actually be good for you – with moderation in mind!  For example, an increasing number of studies suggest […]

What Are Terpenes – And What Are Our Favourites?

As you probably know, we love to talk about the cannabis plant.  So, we’d like to ask: what have you heard about terpenes? This week, we’re going to go a little bit beyond cannabis. Right now the spotlight is on terpenes. Terpenes are the substances credited with giving smells to most things in nature. The […]

Can Hemp Help Reverse Climate Change?

The claim that ‘Hemp can save the world’ is nothing new, but we are now starting to see it as a bit more than just a saying. Industrial Hemp is surfacing as one of the most rapidly expanding products in the past few decades with several applications that include bio-plastics, sustainable fuel, textiles, food supplements […]

Refined Vs. Unrefined: Hemp Seed Oil

Out of all the resources that hemp can be broken down into, the seed has to be one of the most diverse in application.   Not only can hemp seed be consumed, but it can also be pressed to yield a nutrient-rich extraction that can be best described as nature’s most perfectly blended oil. However, it […]

Hemp and Sustainability: How Hemp Cleans Soil

Did you know that the cannabis plant is a powerhouse in the field of sustainability? Our environment is currently hanging in the balance, and the only way to tip the scales in our favor is to start doing more healing the planet than harming it. To us, there’s no surprise in the fact that just […]

cbd oil tincture red wood background

CBD: Health Trend or Miracle Molecule?

CBD is in the spotlight right now! It all seemed to happen so quickly, but what’s crazy is that it took this long at all.. But what’s the hype all about?  There are claims it can do everything from treating insomnia to reducing the appearance of wrinkles – and a multitude of things in between. […]

Hemp Bioplastic Is An Eco Friendly Packaging Alternative

What’s So Great About Hemp Plastic?

The use of plastic is one of the most damaging habits we have as humans… Just take a look at the great pacific garbage patch for example. But it’s not like it all goes there. That’s just where the current takes a lot of it. Unfortunately, our plastic addiction has contaminated all but 13% of […]

Hemp Clothing: Benefits & How It’s Made

Clothing? Made from cannabis?  That’s right, and it’s nothing new.  In fact, it’s one of the oldest fabrics known to man. In modern days, hemp is starting to regain popularity around the world for its medicinal, industrial, and nutritional applications. One of the most notable uses of this plant is the ability to make natural […]

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How Does Hemp Help The Bees?

Bees rely on nectar and pollen they get from plants to feed their colony. Without these sources of food for the bee colonies, the colony will be at threat of dying off.  Often attributed to mass-urbanization with the combination of off-seasons of flowering plants, the bee colony has become threatened. But it seems that hemp […]

Hemp Seed Oil For Pets: Health Benefits and Uses

First things first: Anything with an endocannabinoid system can benefit from hemp. Hemp seed oil for pets is a fascinating topic, especially considering its incalculable benefits. But even though it has such an impressive array of advantages, pet owners are often oblivious to this amazing natural herb… and fair enough, it’s been illegal and misportrayed […]