Boasting an impressive array of applications, which includes health foods, skin care and even obscurities like oil paints… Hemp Seed Oil is arguably one of the diverse and useful derivatives from the hemp plant, which has profound benefits to both our internal & external health. Not to be confused with with Hemp Oil (learn about […]

Throughout it’s extensive history, various breeds of cannabis sativa have been given many labels – Including, Weed, pot, hemp, Marijuana, Kush – and of course, just plain old cannabis… I’m sure you can see why this has led to a bit of confusion!  …And recently, things have actually gotten even more confusing. Today we want […]

Today we are covering the different uses of Industrial Hemp; From concrete to plastics and even food!  Not to mention the fact that it can replace a number of products from trees, which could have a huge impact on deforestation! This sustainable wonder crop is coming through with eco friendly alternatives which are taking the […]

Take note Chia seed, kale, and goji berries… There is a new kid on the block: Hemp seed! This under the radar super-food has a list of benefits that’s taking the nutrition world by storm. Hemp seed is currently in huge demand, and there are many reasons why – Including the long list of nutritional benefits […]