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CBD is in the spotlight right now! It all seemed to happen so quickly, but what’s crazy is that it took this long at all.. But what’s the hype all about?  There are claims it can do everything from treating insomnia to reducing the appearance of wrinkles – and a multitude of things in between. […]

Hemp Bioplastic Is An Eco Friendly Packaging Alternative

The use of plastic is one of the most damaging habits we have as humans… Just take a look at the great pacific garbage patch for example. But it’s not like it all goes there. That’s just where the current takes a lot of it. Unfortunately, our plastic addiction has contaminated all but 13% of […]

Clothing? Made from cannabis?  That’s right, and it’s nothing new.  In fact, it’s one of the oldest fabrics known to man. In modern days, hemp is starting to regain popularity around the world for its medicinal, industrial, and nutritional applications. One of the most notable uses of this plant is the ability to make natural […]

honey bee would also enjoy hemp

Bees rely on nectar and pollen they get from plants to feed their colony. Without these sources of food for the bee colonies, the colony will be at threat of dying off.  Often attributed to mass-urbanization with the combination of off-seasons of flowering plants, the bee colony has become threatened. But it seems that hemp […]

First things first: Anything with an endocannabinoid system can benefit from hemp. Hemp seed oil for pets is a fascinating topic, especially considering its incalculable benefits. But even though it has such an impressive array of advantages, pet owners are often oblivious to this amazing natural herb… and fair enough, it’s been illegal and misportrayed […]

Did you know hemp was as important to trade and exploration in the 17th century as oil is to us now? It all started thousands of years ago, when hemp originated as a food crop in ancient China and India. Later, it was domesticated as a robust fibre crop for textiles and paper across the […]

Cruelty-free lifestyles are becoming very popular, which is great news. Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and suffering just like we do. However, if you love animals as much as we do, you’ll also want to use products that aren’t tested on them. It’s pretty common for rabbits to be shaved just to pour […]

Hempcrete house

Next to the transport and energy production sectors, the construction industry is the third-largest contributor to the environmental threat our world is facing today.  Factoring in transport and energy, 39% of global energy used in production, and nearly 40% of energy-related Co2 emissions come from the construction industry.  This has become a significant contributor to […]

Boasting an impressive array of applications, which includes health foods, skin care and even obscurities like oil paints… Hemp Seed Oil is arguably one of the diverse and useful derivatives from the hemp plant, which has profound benefits to both our internal & external health. Not to be confused with with Hemp Oil (learn about […]

Throughout it’s extensive history, various breeds of cannabis sativa have been given many labels – Including, Weed, pot, hemp, Marijuana, Kush – and of course, just plain old cannabis… I’m sure you can see why this has led to a bit of confusion!  …And recently, things have actually gotten even more confusing. Today we want […]