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We recently had the pleasure of flying the Australian hemp flag during a networking dinner with not one but three Malaysian Ministries (Plantation and Commodities, Timber, Tobacco & Kanaf Industries).
The Role of Hemp in a Sustainable Future

The Role of Hemp in a Sustainable Future

Exploring the environmental benefits of Hemp and its potential in various industries in Australia Introduction Hemp is a versatile plant with numerous applications and environmental…
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Raw Hemp Leaf: Unlocking Its Health Benefits and Nutrient Powerhouse

Hemp is a versatile and sustainable plant with a wide range of uses, from textiles to construction materials. Beyond its industrial applications, hemp offers a…
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Celebrating The Life of Raphael Mechoulam – The Godfather Of Cannabis

Dr Raphael Mechoulam, a Bulgarian-born but Israeli citizen, is a doctor who is famous worldwide for his cannabis discoveries and enhancement. Unfortunately, Dr Mechoulam passed…
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A Look At Cannabis Medicine Through The Years

The use of Cannabis as a medicinal product, thanks to its excellent benefits, is no new science. Despite the little research done in recent years,…
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Australian Industrial Hemp Hits Back At Facebook

Facebook has removed the Tasmanian Hemp Association’s (THA) ability to promote and advertise its products through the social media platform, citing that the products being…
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Is Hemp Safe For Kids?

Absolutely. Not only is it safe, but hemp has nutritional benefits for babies, toddlers, and kids throughout their life.  Is Hemp Safe For Children?  We…
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The Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Hemp

Hemp is known worldwide for its uses and benefits – whether for the physical attributes such as fabric, building materials etc. or its incredible health…
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Beyond THC and CBD – Exploring Other Cannabinoids

The cannabis and hemp plants are some of the most versatile and abundant plant species on the planet, with a wide variety of essential cannabinoids…
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Maintaining A Healthy And Active Lifestyle After 40 – With The Help Of Hemp

It is no secret that our health begins to decrease after age 40, with our bodies needing more and more support than ever before. One…
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Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

Have you ever heard of a hemp car? No? Well, it’s time the world gets well acquainted with the new, trendiest type of car –…
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Regenerative Farming

What is it, and what is hemp’s role in it? What Is Regenerative Farming? Regenerative farming is an old style of farming that can be…
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History Of Hemp |

Hemp is an incredibly versatile and beneficial crop with many uses. It may come as no surprise that many of these uses were discovered long…
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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! 
Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
Margaret River Hemp Co honours the traditional owners of this land, the Wadandi (Saltwater)people, and their elders past, present and emerging.
We acknowledge the Wadandi people’s 60,000 year custodianship of this special place, and we thank them for generously sharing with us their immensely deep culture knowledge and connection to the land.