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Farming & Processing

We recently had the pleasure of flying the Australian hemp flag during a networking dinner with not one but three Malaysian Ministries (Plantation and Commodities, Timber, Tobacco & Kanaf Industries).

Industrial Hemp- An Environmental & Economic Powerhouse

There are very few agricultural products that have made a significant increase in productivity of up to 455% since 2018. One at the top of…
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Hemp Shoes: A Sustainable Trend

Many people are leaning towards sustainability as there is increasing awareness about protecting our planet. The Cannabis plant may hold the answer that we have…
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Hemp Seed Oil vs Palm Oil | An Environmental Stand-Off

We know that hemp is a versatile plant that has abundant benefits for society, and we’re still discovering new and improved uses for it each…
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Is Hemp Stronger Than Steel?

On the surface, this proposition may seem ludicrous to the uninitiated – How can the humble hemp plant possibly be a match for the strength…
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Hemp Biochar – Organic Activated Charcoal Made in Australia

With the breaking of each dawn, science seems to unlock more potential for the hemp plant. It’s never been easier to grow, there’s more research…
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Margaret River Hemp Processing & 2 Groundbreaking New Developments In Our Operation

Margaret River Hemp Processing was conceptualised with the intention to provide raw Hemp-derived materials to supply for our projects & eventually the passions of others.…
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Hemp Textiles: An Emerging Powerhouse In Industry & Fashion

Surely you’ve heard by now – Hemp textiles are making a huge comeback in fashion and industry! As one of the first fibres ever documented…
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Growing Homes | Hemp Farming in Margaret River

Growing hemp is our favourite thing to do! Regardless of the many wonderful uses for hemp, one of our favourite (and most magical) will always…
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2021 Hemp Health & Innovation Expo | 17 Exhibitors & What To Expect

It’s that time of year again; the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo is kicking off very soon!  After taking a year break due to the…
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Uses Of Hempcrete

Hempcrete Architecture Through History | 6 Mind-Blowing Uses Of Hempcrete – Past To Present

There is an ongoing Hempcrete revolution, and it’s safe to say this newly rediscovered material isn’t going to disappear any time soon.  The world is…
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New Age Advanced Natural Materials | 6 Innovative Opportunities For A Greener Future

As the tipping point for climate change creeps up on us, we can’t help but ask: How much impact could utilising Hemp for Advanced Natural…
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Hemp plastic

Is Hemp Plastic The Hero That Helps Solve Plastic Pollution?

Perhaps Hemp plastic is both the hero we deserve & need; Plastic Pollution seems to be the scourge of the 21st century, and we only…
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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! 
Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
Margaret River Hemp Co honours the traditional owners of this land, the Wadandi (Saltwater)people, and their elders past, present and emerging.
We acknowledge the Wadandi people’s 60,000 year custodianship of this special place, and we thank them for generously sharing with us their immensely deep culture knowledge and connection to the land.