Great to see Gary in the paper this week. ‘Hemp industry ripe for a rich harvest’ Builder and Hemp Co owner Gary Rogers said the region could host a processing plant as more people around WA were granted licences to grow and sell hemp.’The South West of WA is one of the best climates in the world to grow hemp’ he said. ‘All we need is a processing facility’ ‘We’ve got that, we’ve got a billion dollar industry on our door-step’ Gary is building a house from hempcrete, a mixture of water, lime, and hemp stalk hurd. Unused mills could be converted to process hemp and provide jobs. The problem is growers have nowhere to sell their raw produce to get processed.
Laws need to be brought ‘into line with the rest of the world, to reflect changing public opinion on issues like hemp use, medicinal cannabis, and hemp foods.
Hemp Co will be showing updates of our Hemp house, later on this week.