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Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

October 28, 2021
Hempco Administrator

Hemp Cars? Absolutely!

…What, you didn’t believe us when we said Hemp has over 50,000 commercial uses?

We’re just getting started!

The benefits & uses of Hemp span far & wide. But one of the most exciting & less known applications is actually in car manufacturing.

Many people have heard different variations of the story about Henry Ford’s first car. Some say it ran on Hemp, some say it was built from Hemp – and some say both. The truth is far less exciting but revolutionary nonetheless.

Fast forward to the present days…

There is a wide range of medium-to-high-end car manufacturers still utilising Hemp in their builds.

However, this isn’t something they promote as a feature.

This week we’re looking at some of the great benefits of Hemp cars and six examples of vehicles that have implemented them.

Read on to learn more!

Why Is Hemp Plastic So Good To Use In Cars?

1. Hemp-Based Plastics Are Carbon-Neutral

Not all Hemp composites use 100% Hemp, but it’s often the most eco-friendly material in the mixture. Hemp absorbs vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide while growing, then puts it back into the soil – which is excellent for both the earth and the atmosphere. 

2. Hemp Reinforces Structural Integrity

Hemp makes one of the most robust composites known to humanity.  In 1941, Henry Ford made his first car out of Hemp, Soy Bean, and other natural materials.  He was pictured hitting the hood of his Hemp cars with a large hammer and not even denting it.  This demonstrates the potential of Hemp-inclusive plastics and begs to question why manufacturers didn’t continue using them as a regular material.

3. Hemp Reduces Total Mass

Despite being one of the strongest bioplastics on earth, Hemp composites are also the lightest.  It’s reasonable to suggest that using lightweight Hemp parts in cars can reduce fuel consumption and Co2 Emissions. 

What Cars Have Utilised Hemp Based Plastic?

Ford’s Hemp Car (1941):

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

Henry Ford’s first-ever car utilised Hemp-inclusive body parts.  This means the doors, hood, and all other exterior features made use of Hemp fibre – and several other natural fibres.  As mentioned earlier, Henry Ford demonstrated the strength of these parts by whacking the hood with a hammer.  

Motive’s Kestrel Hemp Cars

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

Motive is a car manufacturer who conceptualised an electric car with a range of 160km back in 2010.  Though we haven’t been able to find a source to confirm it went into production, this three-door hatchback was designed primarily from Hemp.  With a top speed of 90km/h, the company claims that this is (or would have been) the world’s most eco-friendly car.

Have you seen one on the road or know anybody who has one?  We’d love to hear from them!

BMW Produces Hemp Cars!

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

BMW is ahead of the curve when it comes to building Hemp cars.  Many of their vehicles, such as the electric i3, have lined the door panels with Hemp.  Hemp is among numerous plant-based materials being investigated by BMW aiming to reduce the Co2 per vehicle by 40% or more by 2030.

Porsche’s Hemp-Inclusive Car Body

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

The 2019 model 718 Porsche Cayman GT4 has several parts made from Hemp.  The designers took Hemp & Flax and arranged them in such a way that they reflect the patterns of carbon fibre.  Considering these natural fibre composite materials are known for achieving similar rigidity as carbon fibre, ingredients such as Hemp are ideal for cars built to speed around the raceway. 

Mercedes Benz Hemp Cars:

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples

Did you know that over 30 parts of the C-Class Mercedes Benz cars are made from Hemp? Since 1994’s E-Class, Mercedes Benz has added Hemp parts to more of its vehicles.  One of the most incredible things about companies like BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz is that they haven’t even advertised their Hemp Cars – they’ve just done it!  

Australian Hemp Cars: Electric Hemp Car Vehicle By Taleski

Hemp Cars: The Benefits & 6 Gorgeous Examples


Taleski is a brand-new Australian electric car startup that is making its car bodies out of Hemp.  Individually made in WA, these cars are built to run on electric batteries and be converted to hydrogen fuel when it’s finally an option.  We’re looking forward to working with & providing Hemp fibre for these luxury electric sports cars!

Wrap-Up/Final Words

Now you can see precisely how Hemp has been used in cars throughout the history of automobiles, and hopefully, understand why it’s such a great option!  

Hemp plastic enhances performance, decreases emissions, causes less environmental damage, and is more than some types of steel. It’s a no brainer.  And it’s no surprise to learn that high-end car manufacturers have been using Hemp for so long.

Do you happen to own any of the cars mentioned here?  Maybe your vehicle uses Hemp & you don’t even know it!

We’re certainly going to see an increase in manufacturers using Hemp over the next ten years.  So keep your eyes peeled… you wouldn’t want to end up with an inferior, more expensive model, would you?

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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! 
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