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Hemp Fabric – Its Durability And Benefits As Clothing

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August 22, 2022

Hemp fabric is quickly regaining its popularity as a versatile, durable and eco-friendly fabric choice in a clothing market filled with fast fashion and waste. But, did you know that hemp clothing is no new trend? Evidence of hemp fabric used for clothing dates back about 10 thousand years.

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The History Of Hemp Fabric

Evidence of hemp’s use as a fabric and ultimately clothing choice dates back to around 8000BC when archeologists found remnants of hemp fabric that had been spun in Iraq. Although this evidence is available, hemp really took off and became popular in 2700BC when the famous Emperor Shen Nung of China thought the citizens of China about hemp plants, and how to cultivate it into fabric. 

From there, hemp’s popularity quickly became widespread throughout Europe in 1200BC and very quickly became the main fabric option for clothing and ropes, among other materials. Unfortunately, the decline of hemp fabric hit severely after America’s war on cannabis, and the entire world followed suit.

Today, hemp is becoming a widely popular choice for its durability, sustainability, and many benefits! Keep reading to learn why hemp is a fantastic fabric choice for you and the multitude of benefits it provides for the wearer. 

What Is Hemp Clothing

Hemp Clothing is made from fabric produced by the Cannabis Sativa L plant, otherwise known as industrial hemp. These plants have a huge host of benefits for humans but perhaps one of the most exciting ones is their use as a fabric. 

How is hemp fabric made? 

Hemp fabric is produced traditionally by submerging the stalks of the hemp plant into a liquid which will break down the materials that are surrounding the fibres that are used for fabric. The fibre is then separated from the core by hand, spun and woven into cloth to be used for material or clothing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hemp Fabric For Clothing


One of the things that make hemp stand out most amongst other fibres is its hugely increased durability, especially in comparison to other natural fibres. Hemp is typically 4 times stronger than cotton and wool, making it an ideal choice for clothing that is going to be going through a more rigorous daily routine. 

Hemp’s durability in clothing is a huge bonus for anyone who is doing more physical labour as the strength of this fibre can withhold much more than your typical fabrics. 

Naturally Versatile Fibres

Are you looking to invest in a jumper that will both keep you warm in winter and cool in summer? Look no further – hemps naturally insulated fibres do just that. Hemp’s unique cellulose structure manages to make it both breathable and insulating at the same time. 

A fabric this versatile is the perfect clothing option for someone who doesn’t want to be swapping and changing wardrobes out with the seasons. Hemp clothing can be worn all year round without the worry of being too hot or too cold. 


The fashion world has been making headlines recently thanks to the huge amount of waste that is produced every year from unsustainable fabrics which hugely increase our carbon footprint. In fact, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced every year and the majority of this waste comes from fabrics that are neither long-lasting or sustainable. 

Hemp clothing however is an investment. These fabrics have much greater longevity than typical popular fibres, meaning your hemp clothing can be passed from generation to generation without ending up joining the 92 million tonnes of textile waste every year. 


In this modern age of climate change, the whole world is focusing on sustainability and how we can make better choices that positively impact our earth – hemp fabric is that choice. 

Hemp is resistant to pests and diseases and doesn’t need pesticides to grow, since it is an extremely fast-growing plant. A hemp plant typically takes 4 months to fully grow and as such is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. To compare, it produces 220% more fibre per plant than cotton, takes way less water and can be grown complete naturally! 

As an added bonus, if you do decide to discard your hemp clothing (which we know you will love too much to do!) you can do so with the environment in mind since it is completely biodegradable!


A hard day’s work is going to make you sweat and as such, get sweat on your clothing and produce a strong odour. Hemp, however, thanks to its antibacterial properties are actually able to help prevent this odour on the clothing by acting against microbes to keep your clothes looking and smelling great! 

Hemp clothing

Hemp clothing is hugely versatile and is available in both men’s, and women’s and accessories! With a huge range and so many benefits you can get from hemp, why not explore our hemp clothing range? 

Women’s Clothing

We offer a wide range of women’s clothing options from skirts and blouses, jumpers and a variety of different pants, there is hemp clothing to suit every figure and style.

Hemp Pants Ladies
Ladies Hemp Shirt

Whether you are looking for comfortable elasticated hemp shorts for strolling on summer days or professional hemp trousers you can wear at work, you can rest assured that our hemp clothing is not only stylish but practical and comfortable too.

Shop our women’s plants and short options at – Hemp Pants & Shorts.

Ladies Hemp Hoodie
Ladies 100% hemp Shirt

Are you looking for cute but cozy jumpers to wear all year round? Or the light, soft T-shirts and blouses that can keep you cool in the summer? Then look no further. Our fantastic range of lady’s T-shirts, blouses and jumpers have got everything you are searching for!

You can shop our range here – Tops, Shirts & Jumpers | Margaret River Hemp Co

Hemp Dress
Ladies Sleeveless Hemp Dress

Who doesn’t love stylish dresses that are suitable for all year round, throw in some pockets and you have got your new favourite dress! Margaret River hemp Co has a huge range of gorgeous dresses to match every style or need.

Shop our dresses here – Skirts & Dresses | Margaret River Hemp Co

Men’s Clothing

What man doesn’t need comfortable clothing that is made to sustain and last any hard work they are being put through? Hemp clothing is so much more durable than your typical fabrics while managing to still be comfortable. Here at Margaret River Hemp Co, we believe that you deserve the best fabric your skin can get, so we have a men’s range made exclusively from hemp!

Men's Hemp Jacket
Men's Hemp Hoodie

You do not need to swap durability for style with hemp clothing as this amazing fabric combines the two. Give yourself what you need this year with our huge range of men’s jumpers and jackets available here – Men’s Jumpers & Jackets | Margaret River Hemp Co

Men's Hemp Shirt
Men's Classic Hemp T-Shirt The round-neck Hemp t-shirt is a Margaret River Hemp Co. original and an all-time classic. Made with a blend of high-quality Hemp (55%) and Organic Cotton (45%), this completely natural Men's Hemp tee will be a favourite for years to come.   With a range of colours to choose from, keep in mind that this Hemp t-shirt is excellent in both smart and casual settings. We suggest you have a close look and pick a colour that you could see yourself wearing on both types of occasions! 

Whether you are in need of a stylish shirt for dinner and work or a practical T-shirt that can be worn all year-round but still stand the test of time, here at Margaret River hemp Co we have got you covered. Explore our complete range of men’s shirts and t-shirts here – Shirts & Tees | Margaret River Hemp CO


Accessories are a huge part of completing your look and are a wonderful addition to your brand new hemp wardrobe! Choose accessories that are sustainable, durable, comfortable and stylish by choosing Hemp clothing from Margaret River Hemp Co. 

Hemp Socks

Perhaps you are in search of underwear and socks that are comfortable to wear as well as having microbial properties to keep out smells caused by sweat – hemp has you covered!

Shop our range of hemp underwear and socks on our website – Socks, Scarves, Hats & Belts

Hemp Laptop Backpack
"The Postman" Hemp Shoulder Bag
Slim Hemp Wallet

Or maybe you are on the search for the perfect durable wallet or bag that can be used for work or leisure – we have it all!

Shop our accessories online at – Hemp Bags & Wallets

There is never a bad time to purchase hemp clothing that can be used year-round for many years and even be passed down from generation to generation thanks so its durability. Hemp clothing is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its myriad of benefits and we here at Margaret River Hemp Co want to see Hemp clothing become the norm! 

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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! 
Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
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