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August 22, 2016
onto the house next

onto the house next

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August 18, 2016
Fremantle Store – we have moved to

Fremantle Store – we have moved to: Shop 8, 3 Cantonment Street, corner of Market Street, end of Atwell Arcade. Apologies to all our lovely customers, we will not move again!!
Come and have a look at our beautiful Hemp Wall, that has been built in store as a feature.
Our Fremantle girls are happy to answer any questions, that you may have about its process, and how great it is for the Environment.

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August 12, 2016
Love this message from a customer, that is taking …

Love this message from a customer, that is taking our lip balm to Everest:

Hi there, I thought i would tell you my experience.
For months now, I have had badly cracked lips . . and when I say BAD, I mean bad, my mouth was split at both corners and getting thickened skin . . . it was so unsightly and painful so I couldn’t hardly eat!
I tried every medication possible and vitamins AND doctors prescriptions . . . but nothing.

Then – just Sunday gone, I remembered the free Hemp balm that I had somewhere that you guys popped into the IRONMAN WA bag in December.
I thought – I’ll give it a go.

In ONE DAY, there was a MASSIVE improvement . . . by WEDNESDAY (yesterday) . . it was GONE.

For months and months I had trawled the interwebs and doctor for ANY help . . just something . . and it was right there under my nose the whole time.

Thank you guys – your product is amazing and I will be happy to tell the world!

I will also be taking your product with me to Everest next month as an essential item!

I’m coming down for the Busso City to Surf at the weekend – so I will defo be dropping in 🙂

Thank you Thank you Thank you . . . . you guys ROCK.

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July 30, 2016
Hemp home is going well considering the amount of …

Hemp home is going well considering the amount of rain we have had, these photos will document on how we are building, The outer ring beam will support the hempcrete walls and roof,
We are using a new ECO flooring system made here in WA, The Breathable MGO board is 50mm Fire rated termite proof moisture resistant and feels soft under foot, It has held up remarkable as we had 204mm of rain in 5 days just after we laid it, its breathability meant it released the water after a few dry days and dried out ,If we had used our traditional way of underfloor insulation, chipboard , and cement sheet,the floor would have swelled and held water with the amount of rain we had , MGO Board is made up of Magnesium oxide which is a natural mineral and has been used as a bonding agent for mortar in masonry construction for centuries in asia ,also a blend of sawdust and glass mesh fibres cast into trays and cured at ambient temperature ,requiring little or no embodied energy,
The house is now framed and roof should be on by the end of next week,The hemp and binder has arrived , so its all systems go, with this flooring system and hempcrete walls, we are creating a beautiful home that breathes ,and will have no air leaks , thus letting the hempcrete and floor do its thing,We have changed our traditional method of wall framing , to suit our hempcrete walls, these will be documented in the next update

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June 24, 2016
Gary’s Hemp Homes

Our local builder and owner of Hemp Co, is the first in Western Australia to be constructing a Hemp-based home. Gary Rogers is using a material know as hempcrete, which creates a healthy living environment and reduces the home’s carbon footprint.”At the moment, 64% of carbon emissions caused are from building products and we can’t keep going that way” he said. Hempcrete homes are naturally resistant to fire and pests, reducing the need to add toxic chemicals. “There is also no need for air-conditioning or embodied heating because the walls are breathable, so the house will always remain at around 14 degrees” he said. Hempcrete was also valuable during a bush-fire because the product hardened under heat.It ticks all the boxes.

We will be following Gary over the next few months of the Hemp build, to show how how it is constructed.

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June 8, 2016
BMW’s electric car sheds weight with Hemp

BMW’s electric car sheds weight with Hemp! BMW have been testing and using natural fibers like hemp since the 1990’s. By 2006, Hemp panels were used in all of BMW’s 5 series models. Many luxury European car makers – including Mercedes and Audi – now make use of Hemp in some form. Great News!

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March 22, 2016
Great read about Hemp Co, in the ‘Your Margaret …

Great read about Hemp Co, in the ‘Your Margaret River Region Magazine’ for this Autumn. You can pick up your free copy from any of the visitor centre’s, Dunsborough, Busselton, Augusta & Margaret River. Plus are Stores, Fremantle & Margaret River.

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February 27, 2016
NSW legislative Council after it voted 17-16 to …

NSW legislative Council after it voted 17-16 to adopt a motion calling on the Government to work with other Australian governments to lift the ban on Hemp Foods products.
Come on Western Australia lets follow!

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February 24, 2016
Great News

Great News. 🙂

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