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Hemp Oil For Pets | Health Benefits and Uses

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Hemp seed oil for pets is becoming a more common option for its array of health benefits. But does it work? Well, thanks to the endocannabinoid system, pets can also benefit from the health benefits of Hemp Seed Oil. 

By now, most people are aware of the benefits of hemp seed oil for humans, but did you know there is a tremendous amount of health benefits your pets can gain from hemp seed oil? Hemp seed oil for pets is a fascinating topic, especially considering the myriad of benefits its offers.

However, due to the illegality of hemp for so long - many pet owners are still unsure if hemp seed oil is safe for dogs, for example, or how much hemp seed oil I can give my cat.

With so much incorrect information out there, it can be challenging for pet owners to distinguish fact from fiction.

But don't worry; we are here to provide you with as much information as possible about the benefits of hemp seed oil for pets - cats and dogs alike! 

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Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil - What's The Difference? 

Despite sounding like the same thing, hemp oil and hemp seed oil are two very different products. Hemp oil - more commonly known as CBD oil- is a medicinal product that is produced from the flower of the Cannabis Sativa Plant (hemp plant).

Hemp oil will also contain many or all of the other cannabinoids that are available in the plant. 

Hemp oil has been gaining widespread attention as a natural alternative for pain relief, sleep issues, and anxiety, among other issues, in both humans and animals.

However, since hemp oil is sourced from the Hemp plant, it will contain no more than 0.3%THC, in line with Australian law. 

In comparison, hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the seeds of the same hemp plant into an oil.

However, hemp seed oil is still sourced from the same plant, so similar to hemp oil and hemp seed oil will contain no more than 0.3% THC and offers a whole host of benefits for its users - such as being the only natural food in the world that includes the desired 3:1 ratio of omega three and omega 6. 

If you want to learn more about the main differences between hemp oil and hemp seed oil, you can read a dedicated blog that discusses all the differences between hemp oil and hemp seed oil.

A great introduction to hemp oil for your pets is full-spectrum hemp oil dog treats, and hemp seed oil treats for dogs & cats.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

Anything with an endocannabinoid system can benefit from using hemp oil, which means your pets will be able to use it too! Continue reading to discover some of the top benefits of using hemp seed oil for your pets

Improved Skin And Coat

Whether you are looking to use hemp seed oil for a dog's skin or coat or for a different pet, hemp seed oil can be hugely beneficial all around.

Of course, everyone wants their pet's coat to be soft and fluffy; we all want our pets to be comfortable. 

So, how does hemp seed oil affect a pet's coat? Thanks to its well-rounded amount of fatty acids such as omegas, which are responsible for maintaining healthy skin and coats on our furry friends.

With hemp seed oil being one of the richest foods in these omegas and containing the perfect balance, hemp seed oil is essential for your pet's coat!

Healthy Fats For Pets

So by now, you have probably heard us mention omega fatty acids quite a bit, but they really are just that important!

In addition to keeping your pet's skin and coat healthy, pets can suffer from seriously upset stomachs if their composition of omegas is unbalanced, as discussed in Hemp Out Agency. 

Having an unbalanced amount of omegas can cause many issues for your pets. Notably, having too much Omega 3 will cause your pet's body to dip into the omega six supplies and vice versa, all of which can cause nasty side effects or detrimental complications. 

Treating Skin Conditions

Skin disorders such as Eczema can be expected in many pets and cause itching and pain.

However, hemp seed oil can be a massive benefit for many skin disorders thanks to its comedogenic rating of zero, making it suitable for all skin types or, in the case, of all animal skin types! 

Additionally, pets who have allergies may benefit from having hemp seed oil introduced into their diet. Research was done in 2005 which supported the possibility that hemp seed oil can be used to reduce allergic reactions caused by Atopic Dermatitis. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many wonderful benefits your pets can gain from having hemp seed oil introduced to their diets!

If you want to read a little more about how else hemp seed oil can benefit your pets, you can do so by reading the article here.

Is Hemp Seed Oil Safe For My Pets?

It is very common to wonder, ‘is hemp seed oil safe for dogs?’ and these are valid questions that all concerned pet owners will want to know.

The good news is that hemp seed oil is a perfectly safe option for your pets! Hemp seed oil contains no THC, so your pets will not experience any head high or negative side effects. 

Additionally, the CBD concentration in hemp seed oil is very minimal since there is not a considerable amount of research to support the safety of CBD for pets just yet; hemp seed oil is an excellent and proven safe option!

How Much Hemp Seed Oil Can I Give My Pets?

We often hear questions like, “how much hemp seed oil should I give my dog?” 

Hemp seed oil is comparable to sunflower oil - and is perfectly safe for your pets. It does not contain any psychoactive compounds like THC and includes minimal amounts of CBD as well.

So, you can even incorporate hemp seed into your cat or dog’s meal without fear.  The general rule of safe dosage is 1ml - 5ml depending on your furry friend's weight.

On the other hand, CBD oil (or hemp oil) is used as medicine and only a vet can prescribe a proper dosage for it. Unfortunately, not much research has been conducted on safe levels of concentrated CBD oil for pets.

Will Hemp Seed Oil Get My Pet High?

No. Hemp seed oil will not get your pet high. The psychoactive chemical in Cannabis that gives the sensation of being “high” is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

With that said, there’s virtually no THC in hemp seed oil. Therefore, our furry friends would have to get into a lot of hemps to get high - just like humans!

All in all, hemp seed oil for pets is not just safe - but highly beneficial as well. 

Hemp Seed Oil Recommendations For Pets

Now that you have discovered the multitude of reasons that you need to introduce hemp seed oil to your pet's diet, it's time to find the best products on the market for your furry friend.

Here at Margaret River Hemp Co, we design all of our pet products with your pet's optimal health in mind- meaning organic, Australian hemp! 

Pet Treats

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Looking for the perfect hemp seed oil bite-sized treats for your cat or dog? We have got you covered with the HempPet hemp treats, formulated with organic Australian-grown Hemp seed oil to give your pets the best health they can!

Hemp Seed Oil Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder from 100% Australian grown hemp seeds

Does your pet need a protein pick-me-up? Introducing the Margaret River Hemp Co Protein powder, providing a powerful, plant protein punch for your pets. Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and containing no MSG or other nasties, this protein powder is the perfect dietary addition!

Hemp seed oil

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Our hemp seed oil is made using the finest Australian hemp and is then cold-pressed. There are a multiude of benefits your pets can gain from using hemp seed oil, and this can easily be added straight into their food from a nutritous superfood power punch meal!

Hemp Fibre-based Pet Products 

Hemp fibre is another part of the hemp plant that we can utilize for our pet's benefit! Hemp fibre works similarly for pets as it does for humans.

Its durability is one major benefit, hemp fibre products have a higher ratio of strength to weight than steel! And if that isn’t enough, hemp fibre is also antibacterial and antimicrobial - perfect for furry friends! 

Hemp fibre bedding 

One of the most underrated products on the market - hemp fibre bedding provides so many benefits for your pets that traditional bedding misses out on.

The outer material can be made from hemp fibre, whilst the inner material can be made from hurd, which is compatible for horse, ferret, hamster, and rat bedding.