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9 Easy Hemp Pet Products To Boost Quality Of Life

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Hemp Pet Products

With the trend of Hemp growing, more and more people are looking to incorporate Hemp Pet Products into the life of their furry friends.  The good news is that new products are coming on to the market every day!  

There are so many ways to treat your pet with Hemp, and it’s not just with Hemp Food.

Hemp fibre-based products & CBD are also proving to be highly beneficial for domesticated animals.  And even vets are nodding their heads in approval! 

Although it’s hard to get CBD products for pets in Australia, much of the world are already seeing their companions reap the benefits - and we hope we can too, soon! 

As for Hemp Food and Fibre products for pets, it’s 100% legal in Australia as there are no cannabinoids in any of these.

This week we’re going to look at seven ways you can use Hemp Pet Products to improve the health of your best animal friend! 

Hemp Products for Pets: Hemp In Foods

There are quite a few ways to incorporate Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil into the diet of your cats, dogs, horses, or any other pet you might have!  But before we go into all that, we’re going to tell you a bit of what makes it so good for them.  

Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil are jam-packed with beneficial nutrients - vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.  33% of the total weight of Hemp Seed is attributed to Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3, 6, and 9. 

All animals (including humans) require these for their diet to qualify as ‘balanced’.  It also contains iron, fibre, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and so much more!  You can read about the nutritional properties of Hemp Seed & Hemp Seed Oil here in a previous blog.

So, how can these Hemp Pet Products be used?

  1. Hemp Seed in Your Pet's Meals
    • It’s so easy to use Hemp Seed in your pet’s meals!  The best way to add it is to prepare food for your furry friend(s).  If you tend to purchase pet food from stores, it’s easiest to add Hemp Seed to the top of their dinner and simply mix it in with a spoon.  If you make your pet’s food at home out of raw ingredients, you can either cook it in or mix it in once everything’s prepared! 
  1. Hemp Seed Oil in Your pet's diet
    • You can add hemp Seed Oil to your pet’s diet in a similar way to Hemp Seed.  Whatever you most commonly feed your pet, simply add and mix it in!  This is an excellent Hemp Pet Product for our companions who might not like taste of Hemp Seed; and vice versa.  
  1. Hemp Cat & Dog Treats
    • Last but not least, you can’t beat a good Hemp treat!  If you like to bake your pet’s treats instead of buying them, it’s as easy as adding them to the recipe when mixing your dry ingredients.  However, if you prefer the hands-off approach, we recommend trying the treats from our friends at Hemp Pet!  They have Hemp Pet Products incorporating flavours that dogs love and flavours that cats love. Head to their website to shop for Hemp pet products in the form of oil and treats today!

Hemp Pet Products: CBD Food, Drink, and Treats 

If you’re not aware yet, all mammals (and even some other species) have cannabinoid receptors in the form of an endocannabinoid system.  What does this mean?  Simply, animals can also benefit from non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. 

And yes, it’s similar to how humans do!  Whether it’s for pain management, treatment of chronic health issues, or just to relax them when it comes to separation anxiety or past-home trauma - CBD works wonders. It's an ideal Hemp pet product for both relaxation and optimal health outcomes.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate CBD into your pets life today!

  1. CBD food
    • In countries that have legalised CBD, such as America, a wide range of CBD-infused pet food is available on the market.  These may come in both dry and wet forms and can even be made by the owner at home.  We can’t recommend any Australian brands for CBD pet food, but we hope that it’s a possibility in the future!
  2. CBD treats
    • Much like pet food, CBD can be infused in higher concentrations and fed to your furry friend through a reward system.  Instead of having a lighter concentration of CBD in a whole bowl of food, you might prefer to give them their daily dose in a few single treats! 
  3. CBD Oil
    • CBD oil is the most barebones way to give your pet CBD.  The only issue with giving them pure CBD oil is they may not like the flavour and consistency.  Some brands have worked around this by putting the CBD in capsules or adding fish, chicken, or pork tastes.  You can force-feed it to your pets through a dropper or capsule, but another way to do it is by blending it into their regular meals, so they don’t notice!

Hemp Fibre-Based Pet Products

Hemp fibre is yet another part of the cannabis plant that we can use to make Hemp Pet Products.  The benefits for pets is similar to the benefits for humans. 

Hemp fibre products have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel, which makes them highly durable.  They also have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so they are perfect for a furry friend who might get a bit dirty from time to time! 

Last but not least, hemp fabric products are very well insulated, meaning they will keep your pet warmer in winter and cooler in summer! 

Here are some ideas on using Hemp pet products made from fibre and hurd;

  1. Hemp Pet Bedding
    • Hemp Pet Bedding is one of the most underrated products in the Hemp Pet Product sector!  Not only can the outer fabric be made from Hemp fibre, but the inner components can be made from hurd.  Hemp hurd can also be used for horse, ferret, hamster, and rat bedding.  Availability is slowly increasing, and we hope to have our own Australian Grown and Processed Hemp Hurd available for these purposes within the next year!  
  2. Hemp Fabric Pet Jackets
    • When days and nights get cold, every family pet deserves a warm jacket to take them through it!  And when it comes to insulative properties, there aren’t many fabrics better than Hemp.  Made from cottonised bast fibre, Hemp Pet jackets are viable for any animal with legs to put through the holes!  Of course, you could adapt the fitting to suit everything down to kangaroos if you want.  Some customers even buy our Hemp fabric to make blankets for their horses!
  3. Hemp Fibre Pet Toys
    • Last but not least, if your dog loves a tied rope to play with, Hemp yarn is sure to make a great choice for Hemp Pet Products!  With the remarkable strength and durability of Hemp fibres, you and your puppy family could play an eternal game of tug-of-war without worry.  This goes for any type of equipment that incorporates yarn or rope! 

Wrap-Up/Final Words

We've finally adopted Hemp as a worthy commodity for human use, and Hemp Pet Products are up next. Our animal companions deserve the best in nutrition and comfort, which will show a return in a boost of quality of life.

Although the idea of making Hemp Pet Products from CBD, Fibre, and Hemp Food is rather new, it's a quickly growing trend.

Would you use Hemp pet products at home? If so, which ones are stated here?

If we've missed something that you're already using, please drop a comment and let us know! We'd love to add more in.