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Hemp Seed: Australian Vs. Imported | 3 Reasons To Always Support Local

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We are proud to say our Hemp Seed is grown and processed right here in Australia!

Do you pay attention to whether the products you purchase are made and sourced from Australia? Maybe it’s something you care about but don’t base your buying decisions off. 

Maybe you pay close attention.  Or maybe you really don’t mind at all!  Either way, there is a wide range of reasons to keep your eye on where the products you buy come from.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing the reasons we think it’s important to purchase Australian Hemp Seed over an internationally sourced product.

With reasons ranging from economic to environmental, choosing Australian Grown Hemp Seed has benefits that touch the entire country.  But sometimes it can be hard to tell!  

Just because the product has the renowned ‘Made In Australia’ logo doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Australian. 

There are many companies who might deliberately or accidentally present their product as Australian when it was in fact only actually packaged here. That’s why we’re also going to teach you how to tell if a product is actually Australian!  

Why Buy Australian Grown & Made Hemp Seed?

Australian Hemp Seed Is More Environmentally Friendly

Products sourced within Australia have the guarantee of being much more environmentally friendly than anything sourced internationally. 

This is due to the simple fact that when a product travels from another country, it has to cover a lot of ground before it makes it to Australia. 

According to a study from the International Maritime Organization’s greenhouse gas study, by 2018, international shipping contributes to almost 3% of Co2 Emissions caused by humans.  All in all, it’s unnecessary to purchase imported products that we can easily grow ourselves right here in Australia.

Needless to say, buying Hemp Seeds (and general produce) grown in Australia is the more eco-friendly option.  

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Support Local Farmers and Stores

One of the most important reasons to buy Australian Hemp Seed is because it supports our local farmers and stimulates industry growth.  It’s no secret that Australian farmers are struggling more than ever due to problems arising from climate change & low prices for produce, among a range of other issues. 

Buying Hemp Seed grown in Australia will encourage local farmers to look into the viability of growing more Hemp Seed.  In turn, this draws more attention to the possibility of Hemp being a common staple crop.  

Being a drought-tolerant plant in high demand, Hemp could be a part of the answer to many woes for Australian farmers. 

The other part of this puzzle is the fact that small-medium sized food markets often go out of their way to stock products that were sourced in Australia, so it’s supporting small businesses, too!  This brings us to the last point. 

On top of being a great solution to our farmer's financial issues, buying Australian Hemp Products keeps our money in our economy - rather than sending it overseas.  

Australia is Known for High Quality Produce

When it comes to quality produce, Australia is renowned for being some of the best in the world.  That’s why countries all around the world are buying up farms in Australia to grow their own food to export! 

Whether it’s meat, fruit, or veg, we have some of the best lands in the world to nurture produce on - this is one reason that our export industry is so prominent.  

Our high quality-control standards are marvelled upon by the rest of the world. 

A great example of why choosing Australian food is so important are scares like in 2018, when frozen vegetables imported from Europe were recalled due to the risk of containing the bacteria Listeria - this was linked to nine deaths in Europe alone. 

When products are grown in Australia, these issues are strictly controlled.  

We shouldn’t assume these issues are any different for Hemp Seed, which is yet another reason that buying Australian Grown & Made is the best for you and your family.

How To Tell If Hemp Seed (And Any Other Product) is Australian Grown & Made

Not All ‘Australian Made’ Products Are Equal

Remember, just because the back of the product says that it’s made in Australia doesn’t mean that the contents within it were sourced here. 

It’s important to look beyond the ‘Made In Australia’ logo and into where the actual product comes from.  Many products display the ‘Australian Made’ logo, and even we have been caught out assuming that the products were sourced in Australia. 

But don’t let the logo fool you.  All this means is that the product was assembled or packaged here.  

There is a very easy way to look beyond the logo and determine how much of the product was sourced in our own country. 

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Wrap-Up: Australian Grown Hemp Seed

Whilst it’s great to support an Australian business, we like to encourage people to take it one step further and consider the benefits of also supporting Australian producers. 

Australia is known for some of the best produce in the world, and there’s no reason to be sending our money to overseas economies when our farmers right here could use the support more than ever. 

We have the choice to vote with our money, back the local economy, support small-medium sized businesses, and encourage Australian farmers to keep doing what they’re best at.  

We also have the choice to support real growth within the Australian Hemp Industry now that it’s legal to grow Hemp for food here in Australia.  

Here at HempCo, our products are 100% Australian Grown & Made!

If you’d like to get your hands on some Australian Hemp Food Products, feel free to head over to our store and browse our selection of Hemp flour, Hemp protein, Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Hearts!