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Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil: The Full Rundown

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Hemp Seed Oil And Hemp Seed… Oh, where to begin?  

Whether you’re striving for healthier skin, hair, internals, or just an all-around improvement of your general health and wellbeing - Hemp can help with anything you could need. 

...We know.  It’s a stretch to claim a ‘one-hit-wonder’ - and that’s not what we’re doing.  When it comes to the message we spread, we’re merely trying to promote everything it can ‘help’ with.  Can you blame us for trying to point out every possibility?

This week, we’re going to be embarking on a journey through the world of Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil.  This week it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.  We’ve got something you can relate to when it comes to hemp - and it’s a no brainer.

Are you on a diet?  Do you have nut allergies? Maybe you’re pregnant.  You might suffer from skin conditions and be curious about how Hemp Seed Oil can help with things like Eczema, Psoriasis, or if Hemp Seed Oil can reduce acne symptoms.  

And no! Hemp Seed Oil is not Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil is CBD Oil and you can learn more about that in the linked blog

You’ll probably want to read on!

Nutritional Facts about Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil

Why Should I use Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil in my diet?

The nutritional benefits of Hemp Seed Oil are second to none.  Why should you use Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil in your diet?

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That’s why!

Will I fail a drug test from Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil? 

You cannot fail a drug test from using Hemp Seed.  The restrictions for Hemp as food means that nobody can include cannabinoids in their products - THC, CBD, or anything else you could name. 

The only desirable compounds are in nutrition.  There’s no way to get a buzz other than through being healthy!  

Can I use Hemp Seed Oil during pregnancy? 

You certainly can.  As mentioned before, Hemp Seed Oil contains no cannabinoids.  The most beneficial use for this part of the plant is in nutrition. 

Just because it’s from the cannabis plant doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to get you high!  However, it’s worth doing your research on any cannabis-based product that you decide to buy. 

If you’re pregnant and thinking about using products derived from the cannabis Sativa genome, make sure you’re consuming Hemp Seed or Hemp Seed Oil. 

There has not been enough research done into the effects of cannabinoids on developing children, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  But when it comes to Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil for pregnant women... let us reiterate;

It’s a resounding YES.  There are no cannabinoids in Hemp Seed or Hemp Seed Oil.

Hemp Seed Oil for Plant-Based Diets

Hemp Seed Oil in plant-based diets is considered to be ‘a nutrient-rich food' considered especially beneficial for health and wellbeing.  But at the end of the day, unless you’re using Hemp in your diet, you’re missing out on the true potential benefits. 

It’s not just hype.

What is a ‘superfood’?

The term ‘superfood’ is an umbrella term for consumable plants that contain a variety of beneficial nutrients that boost overall health and wellbeing. 

When it comes to nutritional content, Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil are highly overlooked superfoods.  They contain almost everything that the human diet needs, to the point that some say Hemp Seed has pulled several countries through food shortages and famines. 

Hemp Seed Oil For Acne

Despite being an oil, Hemp Seed Oil has a comedogenic rating of zero.  This means that it won’t clog pores.  In fact, it can help with acne due to the way that it helps regulate oil production in the skin. If your skin is too dry, it will produce excess amounts of oil, in turn, causing breakouts.

Hemp Seed Oil For eczema and psoriasis

The high content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids helps aid skin repair and reduce the symptoms that come with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and a number of other skin conditions.  

Why use Hemp Seed Oil in Skincare products?

Once again, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids accompanied by the famed gamma-linolenic acid aid in hydrating and reducing irritation in the skin, whilst simultaneously stimulating the growth of new skin growth and cell rejuvenation. 

We use Hemp Seed Oil for products like face serums, face cleansers, and our fine-pumice infused Hemp face scrub.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil For Hair 

Much like any other part of the body, the most significant benefits to your hair come from the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

A wide range of beneficial vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and other desirable compounds like Gamma-linolenic acid help stimulate new hair growth whilst strengthening and repairing what’s already there. 

Including Hemp Seed Oil in shampoo, conditioner, hair serums, and other treatments is a sure-fire way to ensure that your hair is bouncing, shining, and finally combating the frizz.

Industrial uses of Hemp Seed Oil

After being cold-pressed, Hemp Seed Oil can be further processed into a state with an even more comprehensive range of applications.

After exposing the cold-pressed hemp seed oil to heat, you will yield a ‘refined’ product with no nutritional content.  This can be used to create paints, varnishes, lubricants, and so much more. 

Refined Hemp Seed Oil is a future market that we’ll look into more once our society is growing Hemp on a larger scale.

Making Hemp Biofuel out of Hemp Seed Oil

One of the most incredible but overlooked uses for Hemp Seed Oil is the ability to supply ‘Biofuels’. 

A study from UConn showed that Hemp Seed Oil converted to Biodiesel directly utilised in a Diesel engine. 

Most notably, it converted to biodiesel at a rate of 97%.  To put that into perspective, for every 100L processed, 97L of biodiesel could be yielded.  Unlike other biodiesels, you won’t need to add any heating elements to convert your engine!  It’s plug-and-play.  

What’s the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Oil is often mistaken for Hemp Seed Oil.  It’s understandable!  Hemp Oil is derived from hemp flower, which means it has minimal THC and many other beneficial cannabinoids. 

Extracted from the flower, it’s important to remember that Hemp Oil is the ‘medicinal’ one.  Hemp Seed Oil is different from Hemp Oil because it is derived from the seed instead of the flower. 

Once the Hemp Seed is harvested, it is put through a mechanical cold-press process that essentially squeezes the oils out of the seed so it can be used to produce that range from food to skincare.  

So there it is. Do you feel like you could make use of any of these benefits? Have you already? Did we miss anything? We'd love to hear from you!