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Gary's Hemp Homes

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Our local builder and owner of Hemp Co & Hemp Homes Australia is the first in Western Australia to be constructing a Hemp home.

Gary Rogers is using a material know as hempcrete, which creates a healthy living environment and reduces the home's carbon footprint."At the moment, 64% of carbon emissions caused are from building products and we can't keep going that way" he said.

Hempcrete homes are naturally resistant to fire and pests, reducing the need to add toxic chemicals. "There is also no need for air-conditioning or embodied heating because the walls are breathable, so the house will always remain at around 14 degrees" he said.

Hempcrete was also valuable during a bush-fire because the product hardened under heat.It ticks all the boxes.

We will be following Gary over the next few months of the Hemp build, to show how how it is constructed.