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How To Apply For An Australian Cannabis Prescription | 8 Aussie Cannabis Clinics

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Australian Cannabis Prescription

With the recent changes in legislation, there are many people asking questions about how to get an Australian Cannabis Prescription.  It’s been a long time coming, but Australians finally have the opportunity to access medical cannabis without having to turn to the black market.  

The previous state of the cannabis industry in Australia meant people had to risk prosecution and deal with shady people that might not have the patients best interest in mind. 

With the new access scheme, patients can legally access cannabis products designated by a medical professional. This revolutionary breakthrough has been a godsend for both patients and the economy and is expected to continue providing great results.  

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy in Australia as it is in America - at least not yet.  There are still prerequisites that must be met in order to gain access.  

This week we’re going to take a closer look at conditions that may enable you to get an Australian Cannabis Prescription.  Read on to learn more!

Do I Qualify For An Australian Cannabis Prescription?

In 2018, medicinal Cannabis products became a part of the TGA’s Special Access Scheme (SAS).  This initiative allows people to access alternative medicine and therapy that isn’t yet TGA approved - such as cannabis. 

You will need a practitioner to file your application before the products become accessible.  If successful, you will be able to purchase medicinal cannabis through your local clinic. Applications can all be lodged online and are 

So, what does it take to qualify for an application?

Medical cannabis products can be prescribed for a wide range of conditions - though it’s not guaranteed that having one of them will result in approval. 

You can have a doctor submit an application to the TGA SAS if you have been suffering from the following conditions;

  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer Pain/Symptoms
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • PTSD
  • Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea 
  • And so many more!
  • The general guidelines for most clinics are that a condition should be resistant to traditional pharmaceutical treatments for 3 months or more.

Australian cannabis clinics by state

Since the legislative amendment in 2016, specialised clinics have started to appear all across the country.  These cannabis clinics are run by doctors who have a deep understanding of how to treat certain conditions. 

They don’t only prescribe based on cannabinoids, but terpenes too, as the scents play a major role in treating particular ailments.  

We’ve put together a list of 9 medical cannabis clinics that have had great success with applications for their patients. 

Please note that there are many more, and some of these are ‘franchised’ and providing their services in a range of states in Australia. 

Here are 3 cannabis clinics you can visit, state by state.

  • QLD
    • CDA Clinics
    • PlantMed
    • CA Clinics
  • NSW
    • Australian Cannabis Clinics
    • Ananda Clinics
    • Cannadoc Sydney
  • VIC
    • Alternaleaf
    • Cannadoc Australia
    • MediCannabis Medical Cannabis Doctors
  • WA
    • St Francis Medical Cannabis Clinics
    • CA Clinics
    • Medical Cannabis Services

What Medicinal Cannabis Products Are Available Through A Prescription?

Once you’ve been approved for a prescription, you may have a diverse range of products available to you.  Ultimately, your cannabis doctor will be the person who decides what is right for you.  Depending on your condition, you may be prescribed medicine from one of the following categories. 

Are you familiar with any of these? 

Cannabis Flower & Tetrahydrocannabinol 

  • The most infamous and well-known form of consuming cannabis products is through the flower.  Smoking, vapourising, and even making edibles are now legal for patients who have a prescription through a clinician. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) 

  • CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with diverse use-cases.  It’s useful for pain management, in combating anxiety, and even depression.  The most notable reason for taking CBD is that it doesn’t have intoxicating effects but still offers major benefits to applicable conditions.

Other Cannabis medicine

  • Despite our preference, products made from synthetic cannabinoids are also available on the market.  Pharmaceutical companies have had these available for quite some time now, but access has been very restricted.  

Wrap-up/Final Words

It’s great to finally see the Australian government taking cannabis products on board and approving them as a viable method for treatment.  It’s been a very long road. 

However, it’s going to be worth it.  The economic and social benefits of the cannabis industry are phenomenal.  If you look at states like Colorado where cannabis tax has been put towards social initiatives, the upside is indisputable. 

And even though Australia isn’t quite there yet, we’re slowly moving in the right direction.

If you’re somebody who has been considering a cannabis prescription, simply get in touch with one of the clinics in your state to check your eligibility.  It doesn’t hurt to try, and the majority of eligible patients have been approved with no additional questions asked.  

Last but not least, we’d like to extend appreciation to the citizens who have been fighting the good fight to bring medical cannabis to the Australian healthcare system.