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Innovative Hemp Products in 2020

November 16, 2020
Hemp Co. Admin

For a while now, humanity has been missing out on products made from that could be very useful when it comes to the preservation of the earth. 

Hemp is a versatile plant that has played a massive role in furthering the development of various societies throughout history. However, between the early-mid 20th century, it fell out of favour with the public and was criminalised in many continents on earth. This resulted from its relationship with marijuana, the psychoactive variant of the cannabis plant. 

Hemp contains negligible quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for the “high” derived from marijuana. Recently, hemp’s illegal status in countries like the US and Australia has been rescinded, paving the way for new, innovative hemp products like the ones we’re eager to showcase today!

Hemp Shoes by Blac. Sneaker Co.

The Blac. Sneaker Co. began their journey to create ethical and sustainable fashion in 2019, aiming to provide high-quality, comfortable, stylish hemp shoes that are also environmentally-friendly. Their stylish sneakers are simple enough for daily wear, but can also be dressed up well in smart casual attire. Running the belief that the “Little steps in the right direction will get you to the perfect destination”, we see Blac Sneaker Co. doing exactly that.   


Hemp Wood by Fibonacci

At Fibonacci, hemp is grown for wood using sustainable techniques with the intent to play their part on eliminating deforestation. All the materials used in the growth and production are locally sourced in the United States of America. Hemp wood is just as versatile as regular wood and might even be better. It can be used in construction, furniture making, and flooring. Their wood is even 20% stronger than oak.


Hempcrete Homes by Hemp Homes Australia

Hemp Homes Australia is our sister business located in Margaret River, Western Australia. Here, we have completed several architecturally sound and beautifully constructed hemp homes, using industrial hemp that was all grown in Australia. Green Smart Award winner for the HIA 2020. Houses that are non toxic breathable walls, termite resistant, fire proof, high thermal insulation and negative carbon foot print.


Hemp Graphene

Did you know that fibers from hemp crops can be converted to efficient storage devices?

Hemp graphene is a newly-discovered natural alternative to regular graphene, which is a very expensive material used in the manufacturing of nanosheets and supercapacitors for things like electric cars and power tools. The most impressive aspect of this is that hemp graphene can be produced at a fraction of the cost used in producing graphene by exposing hemp fibre to extreme heat and pressure – simply put.


Hemp Plastic Grinders

Santa Cruz Shredder is a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly grinder made from hemp bioplastic. As one of the very few products on the market that are inclusive of hemp composites, it’s made from an incredibly durable, 100% Natural Hemp. This shredder possesses square-angle blades that easily break up herb, which produces a fine grind ideal for herbal cigarettes, vaporizers, or teas.

Hemp 3D Printing Filament

Entwined is a 3D printer filament that is infused with hemp. This makes it the premier and only commercially-available 3D printing filament that has been manufactured using industrial hemp grown and processed in the US. Entwined printing filament does not contain any dyes, so it maintains a natural brown. Its high amount of visible bio-fill is a feature not obtainable with standard PLAs, so look wonderful when combined with them.  The blend is 10% hemp byproduct and 90% sustainable PLA, which assists with waste not ending up in landfills.


Designer Hemp Sunglasses

Hemp Eyewear says it all in the name. All sunglasses are made by hand in a tiny workshop in Edinburgh. They believe in quality design while ensuring sustainability. Their mission is to help bring hemp back into the limelight, and show the world that we already have everything we need to live sustainably. Their journey started six years ago when they discovered hemp and its influence on human development. Their frames are sturdy and light, with fossil fuels eliminated from the creative process through the use of hemp


Fusion Face Mask by Hemp Black

Perhaps one of the most prominent attire in cultures across the world in 2020 has been the face mask, which became a global necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many incredible masks hit the market, but Hemp black designed one that really stood out. This mask is not made from hemp but an eco-friendly PET that is treated with their signature /element odour neutralising hemp extract.  Their design is simple, and materials are honestly sourced and grounded in science with high functioning textiles. 


Hemp Surfboard Fins

Scarfini Fins by Darkstar are surfboard fins made using three natural materials. Bamboo Tip, Cork Core, and Hemp Base. Hemp can be used because it is among the strongest natural fibres, which means it is perfect for a rigid fin base. The surfboards are excellent in all wave conditions.


Hemp Charcoal Skin Care Products 

Their hemp charcoal and hemp seed oil products are the first in Australia and possibly the world. These are sourced from the stalks of plants grown in Western Australia. There is a slight, unique grain to hemp charcoal that results in a wonderful exfoliator. Other amazing qualities are that it treats oily skin, reduces pore size, and combats acne.


Wrap Up

At this point, there is almost no excuse not to get your hands on some of these wonderful products! Try a hemp product today, support an incredible industry, and most of all, treat yourself with quality products that offer you peace of mind by knowing that you’re helping the planet as well as yourself.


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