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HempCo Annual Round-Up | Fascinating Milestones & Achievements In 2021

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Wow - 2021 is already at an end!  What a ride it’s been. Margaret River Hemp Co has made leaps & bounds despite the current state of the world, and we are very excited to continue the momentum through to 2022. 

This short article will cover some of our notable milestones and achievements that made our year.  

Before we get started, we want to extend a big thank you to the WA government for supporting the opening of our new processing facility. 

Huge thanks to our teams in the stores, builders, family, and of course, our beloved customers who get us through testing years such as the last two.  We wouldn’t have been able to make so much progress if not for all of you!

So, what did 2021 have in store for Margaret River Hemp Co?  What can you expect from us through 2022? Read on to find out!

2021 At Margaret River Hemp Co

Minister Opened Margaret River Hemp Processing.

One of the first & most significant milestones in 2021 was opening our brand new processing facility & company ‘Margaret River Hemp Processing’.  The minister came along to cut the red tape and check out the WA government’s latest investment in the up-and-coming industrial Hemp space.  This facility marks the beginning of a monumental growth phase in the Western Australian Hemp industry. We’re excited to finally offer local farmers the ability to process their Hemp in their state. 

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Margaret River Hemp Co | Margaret River Hemp Processing Facility

Hemp Cutter Arrived From Eastern Europe.

To compliment Margaret River Hemp Co's new processing facility, we also landed the opportunity to purchase a Hemp Cutter.  The Hemp Cutter is state-of-the-art harvesting machinery and immediately streamlined the harvesting stage of Hemp farming. 

Not only are we able to move faster, but we’re also able to cut the perfect sized stalks for processing.  This is the first of its kind in Australia and the highest industry standard in the world.

Finished WA’s First Hemp Grown & Built Home.

After trialling our harvesting and processing equipment, the time came to create!  In true Margaret River Hemp Co fashion, the first application of our Hemp hurd was building a Hemp home.  Once completed, the project marked the first WA grown, processed, & made Hempcrete house - the first of many to come from Hemp Homes Australia!  Keep an ear out for some noise from Hemp Homes Australia, which we’ll be putting a lot of focus into over the next year.

Released Our YouTube Videos  - Our Story

We began filming for our brand story series in the second half of the year.  In this six-part series of short videos, we go through every project we’re involved in and how they benefit both consumers & the planet.  Head over to our YouTube channel and check out what we’ve been up to!

Successful 2021 Growing Season – Super Tall Hemp!!

The crops we grew this year produced incredible outcomes!  Very tall plants offered a significant amount of stalk, which we processed into hurd and fibre.  The harvests provided the perfect opportunity to test our new equipment and start working out the best settings for optimal production.

Finalist For The Community Achievement Award WA

We just found out that we are finalists for the community achievement award in Western Australia!  It’s an absolute honour to be considered & recognised as contributors to our community.  We are humbled by the opportunity and look forward to serving the greatest state in Australia.

2022 – What's In Store For HempCo

ABC TV show 2022,

The ABC graced us with their presence when they spent three days filming with us for a feature on one of their shows. We can’t say too much yet, but we can’t wait to tell everyone which show it will be. You can expect to see this aired in the middle of the year, but we’ll make sure to let you all know where you can catch it as soon as we’re allowed!

Wellbeing Magazine

Wellbeing magazine is running an article on us in their February publication. We won’t ruin the surprise yet, but keep an eye out if you’re a regular reader!  If you’re not, we’ll make sure to get the article up on our website so you can check it out once it’s published.  We can’t thank the media sources enough for all the coverage as of late; it’s such an incredible opportunity to educate people on the potential of Hemp!

Lots Of New Products

Hemp Co has so many new products coming out next year, and we’re very excited to start sharing them with you soon!  Among the latest releases, you can expect to see 17 new skincare products drop into our already extensive range.  We’ll also be releasing our pet range, including pet bedding for guinea pigs to equine horses made from our own Hemp Hurd.

Processing facility working towards full capacity

As we begin to take on more jobs from farmers and expand our operations, we will be striving to max out the production capacity of our processing facility.  Once we’ve met the demand for raw materials to supply our projects, we’ll be able to provide hopeful Greentrepreneurs with fibre and hurd for their ideas. 

Wrap Up/Final Words

Well, that’s a wrap for 2021!  What a year it’s been.  We can’t wait to dive head-first into 2022 and back it up yet again.  The Australian Hemp industry is just getting warmed up, and everyone participating sure has their work cut out for them.  

Did you have a favourite project in 2021?  Are you looking forward to something in particular in 2022?  Let us know!  We value your feedback dearly. 

See you next year, everyone!