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Hemp is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

In the United States of America the 2018 Farm Bill played a huge role in ensuring the success of the industry. There are many incredible benefits of hemp that we like to bring to people's attention. But this week, we want to go over the best 7 hemp facts that blew our mind when we first heard them.

1. Hemp Farms Offer High Production Capacity

When it comes to productivity, a hemp farm offers much more than a regular farm. For instance, an acre of hemp has the potential to produce 3 times more paper than an acre of trees. 

2. Hemp Fibres Have Great Tensile Strength

It isn't something that can be debated; the tensile strength of hemp fibers are far superior than other plants. Hemp can be used to make fiber boards that are both lighter and stronger than wood. For instance, it is 2 times stronger, and 3 times lighter than wood, depending on the situation.  The clothing made from hemp fibres is also more than twice as strong as cotton.

3. Hemp has Roots in Ancient Asian Mythology 

Japanese mythology contains a figure by the name of “Magu". She was known for healing in Ancient Asia (Korea, China, Japan) because of her ability to manipulate the qualities of hemp. Hemp was considered an elixir of life. She, "Magu", earned the title of “The Hemp Goddess” as she used it to treat the sick and poor. In her lifetime, she either acted as an outright Goddess or priestess. With her contribution to medicinal advancements, the healing elixir (now, hemp) she created a devout group of followers because of its remedial qualities. Today, a significant number of Chinese writers have decided to protect her mythology. 

4. Hemp has a diverse range of product possibilities.

All components of the plant can be used for something. For instance, the consumption of hemp leaves helps to alleviate indigestion problems, as well as providing nutritional value to the body. On the other hand, the seeds can be used to extract hemp seed oil.  And from the same plant, we can also make hempcrete or clothing.

5. Hemp Products all Demonstrate High Durability 

Hemp is stronger and more absorbent than other materials. The durability of hemp clothing is beyond incredible when compared to other kinds of natural fibers. Jackets, skirts, hoodies and pants are the most common examples of hemp clothing available. 

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6. Hemp has a Deep Ancestry 

Hemp is one of the oldest plants used for fiber by humans. In the early years of humanity, hemp fiber was one of the most commonly used materials to create fabrics from. Archeologists were able to discover remnants of hemp cloth in ancient Mesopotamia, now Iran and Iraq. It was found that these remnants date back to 8,000 B.C.  Hemp fiber imprints have also been found that date back to further than 20,000 years ago.

7. Hemp has a Long History of Mass Cultivation

In Colonial America (the 1700s), growing hemp as a staple crop was legal, and more than that, it was regarded as a patriotic duty. At one point, Hemp was even accepted as a means of paying tax.  In fact, the first original United States Constitution was written on hemp paper. 

We hope you have learned a bit more about hemp through each of the 7 interesting facts we've covered this week! No wonder it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Do you have more facts about hemp to share?  Let us know!