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Hemp and Viscose Woven Fabric



Hemp and Viscose Woven Fabric

A light to medium weight 200g/m2 (6oz) blend of Hemp & Wood Viscose creates a soft, smooth fabric that breathes well. Viscose is a fibre made from wood cellulose. Unlike oil-based synthetic fibres, viscose breathes and absorbs moisture well. Viscose gives the hemp a good smooth feel and improved drape. It dyes easily and holds bight colours well. 1

We carefully selected our raw Hemp and Hemp blend fabrics to meet high ethical, environmental, and quality standards.  Whether you want to design your own Hemp Manchester, Hemp Bedding, make Hemp Clothing or anything else you might wish to use a Hemp or Hemp blend material for – we can help!  

We live to spread the word about eco-friendly materials like Hemp.  And like any clothing made with our favourite plant, these fabrics will be naturally insulated, breathable, and antibacterial; among a whole range of other benefits.  

All in all, choosing to use hemp fabrics is good for you, and great for the environment!

(to order select number of metres required from drop down list under “Quantity”)

Product code: HF11

144cm width.



  • Hemp (55%)
  • Wood Viscose (45%)



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