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August 28, 2016
Hempco Administrator

Sorry for late Blog as we have Been very Busy moving Shops in Fremantle and doing our hempcrete feature wall in store,This has been one of the wettest and longest winters we have had in many years, We had 13 days straight of rain, The NEW flooring system has held up incredible well considering all the rain we have had
It is now all sealed up, for non leaking floor to allow hemp walls to do our breathing for us,
We finally have roof on and are into the hempcete walls this week,below is a few updated photos of the different way in which we have framed to allow more keying in for hempcrete to bond to, as you see we have left our permimnet Breathable MGO board formwork around windows , The house will be lime based rendered outside walls , with a few natural looking walls sealed to revel hemp,it is going to have an industrious modern look, with exposed steel, etc
the photos revel hemp has arrived ,our frame up , and the way we have formed up our walls to protect us a little from weather ,all external walls will internaly have the natural off form wall look , similar to the wall we have just completed in the Fremantle store, next photos will be of hemp walls

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