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The Damaging Costs Of Black Friday | 9 Tips To Shop Sustainably This Weekend

November 20, 2021
Hempco Administrator

Next weekend is Black Friday and Cyber weekend! Are you ready to snap up some bargains? 

As we know, this weekend is essentially a holiday celebrating and encouraging consumerism.  With many businesses and companies having significant sales on their products, it’s very easy to get caught up and make impulse purchases without thinking about the environmental impacts.

Have you ever participated in these incredible sales with sustainability at the forefront of your decision making processes?

If not, stand with us in 2021 and try it!  Continue reading to learn about the negative impacts of certain products and some examples of making more sustainable choices.

Choose Products With A Local Supply Chain This Black Friday

Australia imports a lot of their products from other countries due to cheaper labour costs overseas. This may not sound like a big deal, but the damage adds up.  The transportation of goods by freight and plane causes the environment many issues, and it’s only getting worse.  Australia imports around 30 million tonnes more greenhouse gas emissions than it exports.

There are a few different ways the importation of goods hurts our ecosystem.

Environmental impacts from supply chains can include…

  1. Water pollution from spills and fuel use
  2. Loss of biodiversity due to water pollution 
  3. Long-term damage to ecosystems due to food chain breakdowns
  4. hazardous air and greenhouse gas emissions from ships and planes burning fuel.

So… how can you make an impact?

Do your best to choose products that are made in Australia this Black Friday!  Buying products with local supply chains are a great way to reduce your consumption footprint. 

How does it help?  

  1. Local supply chains mean a significantly lower carbon footprint in transit from the manufacturing facility to your home
  2. Australia makes higher quality products, meaning you need to buy less often; thus, waste less.
  3. Buying locally-made products mean the ere will be less waste from packaging used for international shipping

All of our Hemp Food products are grown and packaged in Australia. Browse our range here, and put together a wish list for Black Friday so you can jump right on it!

Choose Products With Recyclable Or Biodegradable Packaging This Black Friday

Another way to shop sustainably next weekend is by being mindful about how your purchases are packaged. Single-use plastics are often used in packaging & containers and are significantly damaging to our environment.  Do you know why?  We’ll break it down for you! 

  1. Sickness and death in sea life from plastics and microplastics 
  2. Water pollution from toxic chemicals as plastic is degrading in the oceans and riverways
  3. Loss of species due to habitat damage and food chain meltdowns
  4. Increased demand for landfill space
  5. General litter due to irresponsible discarding of packaging

Paying attention to the type and amount of packaging used for your purchases is an impactful way to shop greener this year.  Products on eCommerce websites tend to have packaging information in the ‘Additional Information’ section of the page.  If it doesn’t, many online stores have live chat rooms so you can ask the business anything you need to know.  Do they use single-use plastics in packaging?  Is the container glass or plastic? Are the ingredients naturally sourced?

Here are some tips for your shopping splurge this Black Friday and Cyber weekend!

  1. Avoid products that use excessive packaging, especially plastic packaging
  2. Avoid products containing chemicals & microplastics as ingredients (microbeads)
  3. Avoid single-use plastic containers/tubes. Choose recyclable plastic, refillable plastic, or glass containers instead!

If you want some additional ideas for Black Friday sales with recyclable or glass containers, check out our Organic Hemp Skincare Range!

The Damaging Costs Of Black Friday | 9 Tips To Shop Sustainably This Weekend

Choose Sustainable Hemp Clothing Instead of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is now a well-known phenomenon that’s loosely defined as cheap, low-quality seasonal clothing lines that follow the year’s trends and are only made to last a few months.  It will be one of the most damaging sectors this Black Friday, with 42% of participating Aussies planning to upgrade their wardrobe. This results in clothing being discarded in mass and causes significant damage to the environment.  

Cotton and polyester are resource-hungry materials that create toxic waste all through manufacturing.  When the final desired product only lasts a few months, we see a never-ending demand for these unsustainable methods of garment production.

So, what are the negative impacts on the environment from fast fashion trends?

  1. Plastic Microfibers
  2. Excessive water usage
  3. Mass consumption and discarding of clothing – landfill
  4. Greenhouse gas emissions

On average, each person in Australia throws away around 23kg of clothing every year. In fact, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans, points out that “Australians discard close to 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles each year“.

Australia’s recycling program is a hollow-shell compared to what it should be. However, in 2021, the government announced a $1bn fund for upgrading Australia’s recycling infrastructure. These sorts of investments take time before they come to fruition. Despite being recyclable, your clothes still end up in landfills.

So let’s be proactive instead of reactive, and shop green this Black Friday/Cyber Weekend!

The environment will thank you for choosing sustainable, long-lasting clothing instead of gimmicky fast fashion goods.  It can be easy to get caught up thinking that something is a great deal because it’s cheap.  But it ends up costing you and the environment more in the long run. 

So, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for Black Friday and cyber weekend clothing sales next weekend.

  1. Avoid polyester materials, and favour naturally derived, biodegradable fabrics such as Hemp.  
  2. Choose the clothing you’ll regularly wear for a long time. If it’s Hemp, you can be sure the fabric is durable.  
  3. Hemp clothing is a natural crop that absorbs Co2 during growth while putting nitrogen back into the soil.

If you want some ideas, simply click the image and browse our selection and get your Black Friday wishlist ready!

The Damaging Costs Of Black Friday | 9 Tips To Shop Sustainably This Weekend

Wrap-up/Final words

Finder’s recent survey of 1,015 Australians reveals that 35% – equivalent to 6.8 million Australians – plan on shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s up to you to vote with your money and pick sustainability.  Do you value our environment? Is the future condition of our planet something you care about?  We’ve all been guilty of careless consumerism, but it doesn’t have to continue that way! All it takes is a conscious effort to make more eco-friendly purchases. 

So now you know!  Will you join us in the pledge to shop sustainably this Black Friday?

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When it comes to hemp, there isn’t much we don’t do! 
Come on down and say hi to the team at our stores!
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