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The New Normal: Hemp Foods in 2020

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In recent times, there has been increased consumption of Hemp Food. People have started realising the nutritional benefits of this once neglected and stigmatised plant.

Asides from this, the increased prevalence of Celiac’s disease, heightened health consciousness and rising vegan population has led to seeking out unexplored alternatives.

Hemp is the non-psychedelic relative of marijuana. They are both Cannabis plants. The main difference is that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which results in psychoactive effects is less than 0.3% in hemp.

This versatile plant can be included in the diet in different forms. We have outlined some of them for you here!

Hemp Water

In 2019 +hemp began producing Australia’s first hemp water. The company faced challenges that come with not just a new product hitting the market, but also its inclusion of a previously illegal product. 

Hemp water and other hemp-infused drinks have since been highly sought after.  Rather than causing a 'high', hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of cannabinoids. 

Instead, it provides several health benefits like stress, anxiety and pain reduction among others.

Hemp Beer

This kind of beer is infused with hemp-derived elements. Though it is not directly brewed from the plant itself, hemp products such as seeds are added later during the flavouring process.

Maku Hemp Session Ale is a great example. Natural oils from the plant increase the complexity of beer’s flavour profile.

These oils are known as terpenes and can be found in a wide variety of plants such as pine trees and citrus fruits. They are the substance responsible for the characteristic aroma of Cannabis.

Though hemp beer does not contain the much loved CBD, terpenes have their own positive effects. They provide some anxiety relief, reduce inflammation, promote memory retention etc.  

Hemp Chocolate

Margaret River HempCo grows, harvests and brings to market this delicious, healthy and vegan-friendly chocolate. Hemp chocolate mostly consists of raw cacao and hemp seeds.

This plant-based chocolate is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. With the added benefits of hemp specific ingredients like Hemp Seed and terpenes, it really is a guilt-free treat.


Historically, hemp had been used for several reasons until its relatively recent status as illegal. As more research went into it, scientific discoveries of its numerous benefits have occurred. With its legalization, you can now enjoy it in these delicious ways.

Have you tried our Hemp Food? Drop a comment below and let us know your favourite hemp food or drink product!