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The UK Hemp Industry | 8 Ways The UK Leads The Way

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UK Hemp - 8 Great Products

Due to their more progressive Hemp laws, the UK Hemp industry has moved in a stable, upwards trajectory for a while now.

Industrial Hemp Farming and Hemp Foods have been allowed for much longer than in Australia, mainly due to the fact Europeans have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to the incredible benefits.

It's important to acknowledge the innovative ways countries around the world have used Hemp because a lot don't get the limelight they deserve.

This is deliberate much of the time due to the desire to utilise the benefits without saying "Hey! We used cannabis! We're trendy!". It kind of makes sense because some people still attach a negative stigma to anything related to this magical plant.

We want to start taking more time looking at modern ways different countries have used Hemp in modern times and paying homage to modern early adopters who are paving the way to a greener future for everybody.

This week we're taking a look at 8 ways the UK Hemp industry is making leaps & bounds in proving the utility of Hemp.

Read on to learn more!

2 Unique UK Hemp Products

Hemp Sunglasses

The company 'Hemp Eyewear' specialises in handcrafted sunglasses made from Hemp fibre & natural components.  Each pair of their sunglasses are made to order, so you must be ready to wait up to 10 weeks for them to be delivered to your doorstep!  But don’t worry - it’s well worth the wait. 

Hemp Eyewear has dozens of styles available in a huge variety of natural colours.  Hemp sunglasses epitomise the word’ designer’ these designer spectacles are a must-have for any Hemp enthusiast!

Sativa Bags and Wallets

Sativa is a UK Hemp company that proudly support Hemp's eco-friendly cultivation and through the use of sustainable production where we can provide purpose-designed bags and accessories that are both practical and stylish.

Everything they make showcases the elegance of Hemp textiles and makes remarkable use of the various benefits of the fibres such as tensile strength, moisture wicking properties, and superior durability.

Sativa bags specialise in a range of unique UK Hemp products made from European Hemp fibre. Nobody does it quite as well as these guys.

They have products such as;

- Backpacks

- Wallets 

- Hats

- Purses

- Shoulder Bags

So if you're looking for a long-lasting accessory to store your goods, be sure to head to our store and check out the available range!

3 Awesome UK Hemp Food Products

Hemp Milk by Good Hemp

Hemp Milk is a highly nutritious milk substitute made from Hemp Seed and is rather popular in the UK. Good Milk is the biggest producer of UK Hemp Milk. 

Hemp milk is totally dairy-free, won’t separate layers of tea or coffee, and is jam-packed with omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids.

And Good Hemp stocks more than just milk!  They offer a range of healthy food products made from our favourite plant. From CBD oil to snack bars - if you’re on a journey of Hemp exploration, we couldn’t recommend giving them a visit more! 

UK Hemp Butter by Sun & Seed

Sun & Seed are a UK-based company that offers raw & organic Hemp Seed 'nut' butter. It's a gluten-free alternative to regular butter or margarine, and of course, totally suitable for plant-based diets. This UK Hemp butter is made from seed grown in Europe.

Artisan techniques are applied to preserve the superb nutritional content of the seeds.  Like the Hemp seed, it’s made with, the butter contains high concentrations of gamma-linoleic acids, and the optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 for the human body - plus a whole lot more!  

You can read about the full list of key nutrients & benefits of Hemp Seed Oil through our blog.

Organic Hemp Pasta by Hempiness

Hempiness is a UK Hemp that offers a highly nutritious alternative to full-wheat pasta. Incorporating Hemp flour and durum wheat, these Fuselli spirals have an additional load of fibre, protein, and other minerals thanks to the Hemp flour. 

Despite the fact the pasta is made in Italy, Hempiness have their own brand for the UK Hemp marketplace.  Just like any pasta, it will take around 6 minutes to cook to al dente perfection.  The incorporation of Hemp flour brings a nutty flavour to any meal you’re using the pasta for.

3 Buildings In The UK That Utilised Hempcrete

London Science Museum

The London Science Museum chose to use Hempcrete in a room made to store ancient artifacts. This was done due to Hempcrete’s natural insulative properties that help keep the exhibits at a constant temperature and reduce the speed of degradation.

This particular facility still requires specific care when it comes to light, temperature, and packing.

However, the choice of Hempcrete meant they did not need as much artificial temperature control as they usually would.  Additionally, Hempcrete is fireproof and eco-friendly.  

Adnams Brewers

In a bold move towards a greener business, Adnams Brewers in Suffolk have made their latest brewing facility out of Hempcrete blocks.  The use of Hempcrete here is more than just an eco-friendly choice - it’s a highly practical one. 

While the goal was to make a sustainable brewing facility, they killed two birds with one stone by completely eliminating the need for artificial temperature controls. 

They cut out the necessity of air conditioning in their storage room due to Hempcrete’s unique ability to keep room temperatures stable.  All that is required are airlocks and ventilation and the packaged beer can be stored and kept good until the beverage is cracked at a venue.

Mark & Spencers

Mark & Spencers contracted a UK Hemp building company called Hembuild to engineer a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly shopping facility. If traditional methods were used for this build, it would have emitted around 2,300 additional tonnes of Co2 emissions.

Considering we're trying to reduce the output of Co2 on earth, this would have been rather counterproductive! To make things all the sweeter, the thermal properties of Hempcrete mean that the requirements for temperature control have been reduced by a massive 50% - yes, that's ongoing forever!

Want to learn more about the benefits of building with Hempcrete vs Concrete? Be sure to check out the linked blog!

Wrap-up/Final Words

In a world with an increasing demand for eco-friendly practices, these companies are some of the more forward-thinking entities who are setting the standard for the next generation of trade & industry.

From clothing and accessories to food, & even beer, there are numerous ways to incorporate Hempcrete into a wide spectrum of business - and the quicker a company gets off the mark, the more benefits they'll reap.

It's safe to say that we're entering a global revolution in sustainable lifestyles, and some are quicker to adapt than others. We're certain that these niche techniques will start to become mainstream trends in the next ten years, and we have companies like the ones mentioned in this article to thank; among others!

So, these are some of the ways that companies in the UK are making moves towards a greener, more hopeful future for all.

Did we miss any that you can think of? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!