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Love this message from a customer, that is taking ...

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Love this message from a customer, that is taking our lip balm to Everest:

Hi there, I thought i would tell you my experience.
For months now, I have had badly cracked lips . . and when I say BAD, I mean bad, my mouth was split at both corners and getting thickened skin . . . it was so unsightly and painful so I couldn't hardly eat!
I tried every medication possible and vitamins AND doctors prescriptions . . . but nothing.

Then - just Sunday gone, I remembered the free Hemp balm that I had somewhere that you guys popped into the IRONMAN WA bag in December.
I thought - I'll give it a go.

In ONE DAY, there was a MASSIVE improvement . . . by WEDNESDAY (yesterday) . . it was GONE.

For months and months I had trawled the interwebs and doctor for ANY help . . just something . . and it was right there under my nose the whole time.

Thank you guys - your product is amazing and I will be happy to tell the world!

I will also be taking your product with me to Everest next month as an essential item!

I'm coming down for the Busso City to Surf at the weekend - so I will defo be dropping in 🙂

Thank you Thank you Thank you . . . . you guys ROCK.