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About Us

We are licensed hemp growers (No.32) and are proud to say that in 2021 we will have the largest hemp harvest in Western Australia.

Also, this year we are embarking on our next new adventure, which we believe has the potential for a dramatic impact on the Australian Hemp Industry, the building industry and ultimately, our planet.

This is the processing of the hemp crop to make the fundamental building materials, which will help us to support the building industry through our company, Hemp Homes Australia. The machinery needed in this process is currently undergoing trials.

Our wide range of Skincare products, which are all handmade here in Margaret River, uses 100% Australian cold pressed hemp seed oil.​
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    Hemp Seed Oil is our #1 choice for skincare ingredients due to its unique comedogenic rating of zero. Yep! Even though it’s an oil, it won’t clog pores. The combination of all-natural ingredients and Hemp Seed Oil will ensure that your skin stays feeling hydrated and looking radiant for longer. What’s more is that you can feel confident in the fact that there are no SLS’, Parabens, GMO’s, or any other nasties that you don’t want on your skin!

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    We’ve become obsessed with quality. We want nothing more than to bring you the joy of trying premium, Australian grown and processed Hemp foods in the comfort of your own home. 

    All of our Hemp foods are packed and loaded with just about everything the human body needs to function, including; Omega 3, 6 & 9, Vitamin D3 plus much, much more! 

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    All Hemp everything.

    This space is the home for all our Hemp products that are too unique to fit in a specific category. With hemp being such charismatic and robust textile, it’s only reasonable to use it practically beyond just hemp clothing. Hemp has twice the tensile strength of steel, so it’s perfect for carrying heavy loads and lasts a lifetime doing so. Are you looking for a carry-bag that will last a lifetime? Have you become fed up with low-quality fabrics that just end up polluting landfill? Us too!
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    One thing we love about Hemp clothing is that they can be made through entirely natural methods. Based on this philosophy, we go to extra lengths to ensure that our Hemp clothing pieces are made with as many natural and chemical-free fabrics as possible. Like any clothing made from our favorite plant, Hemp clothing will be naturally insulated, breathable, and antibacterial; among a whole range of other benefits. 

    If you haven’t tried Hemp clothes before - we can’t wait to make an introduction!
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Reviews and Testimonials

We let our products speak for itself. Hear some love from our valued customers.


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April 29, 2021
The Benefits and Uses of Hemp Textiles

Hemp is an incredible plant that can be used in many different ways. Even just the fibre that comes from hemp has a wide variety of uses in regards to textiles. Textiles are flexible materials made by creating an interlocking network of yarns or threads processed by spinning raw fibres into long and twisted lengths. […]

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April 22, 2021
Restoring Our Earth with Hemp

Let us start by saying Happy Earth Day, everybody! The theme of this year is ‘Restore The Planet.’ This week, we want to take some time to dive into some of the most significant environmental problems we are facing today.   You’ve undoubtedly heard us discuss specific ways that Hemp can help restore the vitality of […]

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April 15, 2021
Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

The Benefits that Hemp Seed Oil offers Hair come from many of the same vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids that help the rest of the body.   Yep, you guessed it!  Hemp is excellent for your hair, too.   When it comes to looking after hair, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the […]

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April 10, 2021
8 Tips to Reduce Your Footprint

Sustainability can become a concern in recent years, and people are moving towards reducing their footprint at home – to improve the environment and save the earth. Reducing waste has become somewhat of a trend in the last 5-10 years, mainly because sustainability movements have gained momentum. People are beginning to care more about how […]

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