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Lovely Product. I bought some at the Melbourne Hemp Health & Innovation Expo (December 2017). It makes my hair feel like silk. Well worth the money.
- Organic Hemp Hair Treatment
Joanna Garrett
This product gave me my skin back! No matter what I used I couldn’t keep the moisture in my skin, I would smile and it’d look like my skin was pulling around my cheeks. My skin looked dull and I was getting red blotches. This serum has given me back healthy moisturised glowing skin! I’ve even worn it under make up when I first started using it and it sat beautifully. My mum who works in the beauty industry cant believe the change in my skin and desperately wants some, so shes getting serum and great skin for Christmas. Seriously try this product! I can’t recommend it enough.
- Face Serum
Have been using this for about 5 years. I shave all my head and face with it. ! bar lasts me more than a year and I shave every 2-3 days. About to buy 3 more bars as it is so good.
- Organic Hemp Shaving Bar
Best body butter I have used. Silky smooth, moisturises well and smells divine!
- Organic Hemp Body Butter – 250g
I bought one of these bags at a market in 2010. I use it daily, bung it through the wash regularly. It’s got great pockets and sturdy rivets & zippers. It takes loads of stuff and is the best bag I have ever owned. It is now just starting to show a little wear so I’m getting another. I can’t recommend this bag enough!
- Hemp Worker Bag
I’m a long time customer who is currently living in Europe and I swear by your Organic Hemp Shaving Bar. The amount of blades it’s saved me and the how good it is a real testament to great product.
- Hemp Shaving bar
Rod Demicoli