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Margaret River Hemp Co shared Industrial Hemp Western Australia Association Inc.'s event.

A Life of its Own, the truth about medical Cannabis

A Life of its Own, the truth about medical Cannabis.

Proudly presented by iHempWA. We advocate for the low THC Hemp industry in WA (fibre and food). We are hosting this event to raise awareness to the myriad benefits of Cannabis, this story is just a small part of a much BIGGER story.

Be informed and support us, working together to create a better world. Bar open and Vege burgers (with hemp seeds) available from 5:30 to 7pm.

The truth about medical marijuana, an Australian documentary.

A Life of Its Own aims to provide clarity and understanding of one of Australia’s most stigmatized and controversial issues – medicinal cannabis.

Award-winning journalist, Helen Kapalos, takes the audience on a wide-ranging voyage of discovery about medicinal cannabis, addressing the complex issues facing its use.