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CBD has been at the forefront of much of the talk surrounding hemp and cannabis at present, with many countries allowing the implementation and usage of CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is another component found in the hemp and cannabis plants and may have some excellent benefits to offer!

If you are interested in learning more about CBD and want to stay up to date with regulations, products and general information surrounding this critical component, we have compiled a list of some of the top CBD blogs for you to follow.

Project CBD Blog

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The Project CBD blog is a California-based non-profit that is dedicated to spreading awareness around CBD and its uses and providing research for medical uses for CBD alongside the rest of the cannabis plant.

Project CBD was established in 2010 by some journalists who were initially covering the rise of medical marijuana in America. 

Project CBD posts an array of different blog posts ranging from simple explanatory blogs that provide fact-based information about CBD to research studies showing medical benefits and uses for CBD. If you are looking for a well-informed and thoroughly research CBD blog, check out Project CBD here.

Charlotte’s Web 

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Charlotte’s Web quickly rose to fame as one of the most well-known and recognised names in the CBD industry, and it all started with one little girl. Charlotte Fiji was diagnosed with a very rare type of epilepsy at a young age, which caused her to have multiple seizures a day.

The Stanley brothers were already working on CBD oil, so Charlotte's mother, her doctor and the Stanley Brothers worked together to give Charlotte CBD oil and watch the wonderful benefits it provided her. 

As one of the industry-leading providers of CBD, Charlotte's web not only manufactures high-quality CBD oil you can purchase, but you can also find a highly informative and helpful CBD blog on their website. 

Nothing But Hemp 


Nothing But Hemp is an American-based hemp and CBD company that specialises in creating high-quality hemp/CBD- based products in various forms. Based in Minnesota, Nothing But Hemp quickly rose to fame as one of the most reputable hemp and CBD-based companies in America and has been seen on ABC news and FOX news. 

Nothing But Hemp believes in creating accessible and transparent hemp and CBD-based products for their customers, which is why their website also features a highly informative blog that curates various blog features that delve into many aspects of hemp and CBD information.

Ministry Of Hemp 

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The Ministry Of Hemp is a true hemp and CBD-based company that focus on spreading awareness and information surrounding hemp and cannabis plants. This company run a very successful blog and podcast and commonly feature blog posts that go into great detail covering the cannabis industry.

Additionally, The Ministry Of Hemp also run a cbd/hemp/cannabis section solely dedicated to providing you with reviews for some of your favourite products.

This can be an excellent tool for those looking to kickstart their canna journey and want unbiased and educated reviews surrounding potential CBD or hemp-based products. The Ministry of Hemp is a highly-informative and open blog that experiments with various sectors of the canna industry. 

CBD Distillery

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CBD Distillery is one of the leading brand names in the CBD industry. CBD Distellery manufactures various CBD products, such as oils, gummies, capsules, creams and lotions, among many more.

Being a leading developer in the industry puts this company at the forefront of CBD-based research and information surrounding CBD. 

The CBD distillery also runs an informative and easy-to-read blog that gives its customers some information and backstory to CBD, its uses, how it works in the body and much more.

They also publish some industry studies for new and developing research that is constantly ongoing in the canna industry, which allows you to stay up to date on your favourite CBD compound.

Pure Relief 

Pure Relief is a high-quality and leading authority in the CBD/hemp world, manufacturing a variety of different types of products for you to try.

Not only does Pure Relief make and manufacture tremendous CBD and hemp-based products, but this company wants you to be informed every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for general information on what CBD is or how it works, the products you should use or the dosage you should start with.

Pure Relief’s blog is informative and concise. It offers an ideal way for you to soak up as much information regarding CBD as possible, allowing you to make better and fully informed purchasing decisions. 

CBD Medic 

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CBD Medic is an American Based company that specialises in selling CBD-based products, specifically Charlotte’s web CBD. Their experience with CBD by partnering with both Charlottes web CBD and sponsoring various arthritis associations puts CBD medic as a leading forefront of CBD information. 

CBD medic has an informative and interesting blog for you to read through, which discusses various topics surrounding CBD and your life.

Whether you are an anxious new mom or a male suffering from backache, CBD medic has a blog article post that will help give you information surrounding CBD usage and how you should take the various products.

Wrap Up

CBD is still generally regarded as a baby component, despite its evidence of use dating back further than we can imagine.

However, research has only sometimes been done on this compound which often leaves it up to the consumer to figure out everything themselves. If you are interested in learning about CBD or starting your canna journey, the blogs mentioned above are a fantastic place to start.

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