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Hemp Microgreens - An Ultimate Superfood?

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Microgreens are a little superfood that has gained popularity thanks to their culinary and nutritional benefits. Micro Greens are the first set of true leaves that grow on vegetable crops.

Typically, microgreens add flavour to dishes - but did you know that microgreens are also packed full of nutritional benefits?

So, what could possibly be better than traditional microgreens? How about hemp microgreens?

Hemp Microgreens- A Nutritional Powerhouse

Hemp, as a whole, is a nutritional powerhouse food. One of the most nutritionally fulfilling supplements that are almost perfectly rounded in their nutritional value, hemp has long been hailed as an ideal dietary supplement for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and diet.

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Generally, hemp seeds are the previously chosen form of getting all of hemp's nutritional values into your body. However, despite the fantastic nutritional value of hemp seeds, it's hard to believe that there is an even more nutritious way of ingesting hemp - hemp microgreens.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Hemp Microgreens

Hemp microgreens, similar to regular microgreens, are the first batch of real hemp leaves that grow from the plant. They are typically around ten cm tall and appear quickly after planting.

Like hemp seeds, these microgreens are rich in nutrients such as protein, rich in healthy fats like omega 3 & 6, contain all of the essential amino acids, and they have a large number of cannaflavins.

Cannaflavins are flavonoids that are extremely powerful in their anti-inflammatory benefits, even more so than aspirin.

Hemp Microgreens vs Seeds - Why Are The Microgreens A Better Nutritional Source

So what makes hemp microgreens more nutritious than seeds? One of the big draws here is that in their microgreen form, they retain their total amount of unsaturated fatty acids while also inducing the formation of those beneficial flavonoids!

Another big draw for many people with hemp microgreens is the spouting stage of the microgreens does not introduce the formation of cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

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Cannabinoids give cannabis its psychoactive element (THC) and its medicinal purposes (CBD). However, not everyone wants to introduce cannabinoids into their body. Hemp microgreens allow you to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of hemp - minus the cannabinoids!

So, Can We Access These Amazing Hemp Microgreens In Australia?

If you're from Australia, you are probably already familiar with how awkward the laws here can be regarding Hemp, in general. Australia currently requires that the leaves, stems, and stalks of the hemp plant be thrown away!! This contributes to unnecessary waste as well as causing very usable parts of the hemp plant to be discarded.

However, in October 2021, an application was submitted to allow for the sale of hemp leaves, seed sprouts and roots as a food product and supplement in Australia and New Zealand! If this application gets approved, Australia could make massive progress towards having hemp microgreens finally available for the public to enjoy!

On top of that, the previously discarded parts of the hemp plant also make for a fantastic, nutritious and eco-friendly animal feed source! 

Although not approved yet, we remain hopeful that hemp microgreens will soon be as readily available as other microgreens in your supermarket!