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Maintaining A Healthy And Active Lifestyle After 40 - With The Help Of Hemp

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It is no secret that our health begins to decrease after age 40, with our bodies needing more and more support than ever before. One quick google will show you an array of supplements, lifestyle changes and diets that you can implement to help you maintain a more active and healthier lifestyle after 40. However, many of these are entirely useless. 

A little-known yet highly effective way to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle over the age of 40 is with our well-loved miracle plant - hemp! Yes, this versatile and powerful plant is back with yet again even more benefits on offer. 

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How Can Hemp Contribute To A healthy And Active lifestyle Over 40?

Hemp is a hugely versatile plant, and with that in mind, it may come as no surprise that there is a tonne of different ways hemp can be implemented into your life to maintain health and activity over the age of 40. So let's take a look at just some of the ways that hemp can be used to support your body as time ticks on: 

Support your heart 

Your heart is clearly one of the most vital organs in your body, responsible for many activities that keep your entire body functioning. However, despite its essential role, the heart is a delicate organ that is susceptible to many diseases and issues caused by poor diet and poor lifestyle choices, among other causes. 

As you age, your heart becomes more delicate and is put under more strain and stress. Irregular heartbeats, cholesterol issues and coronary heart disease are all significant heart diseases that become more apparent once you hit the 40's age mark. This is why protecting your heart is more vital than ever at this age. 

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of protecting your heart is with hemp! Hemp seeds, in particular, offer a fantastic, affordable and tasty way of providing your heart with a bit of help. Hemp seeds are rich in linolenic acid, which may help reduce your cholesterol levels by up to 15% while also helping to lower your blood pressure. Additionally, hemp seeds are also a great source of magnesium which can help regulate your heart rate! 

Improve your skin 

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body, covering approximately 2 meters of surface area. Your skin's primary responsibility is to protect your body from bacteria, harmful temperatures or chemicals - from the outside in! But, like the heart, your skin is also susceptible to several different factors that can interfere with its appearance, often making us look older than we actually are. 

Hemp can play a vital role in our skin and its appearance. Hemp oil, in particular, can be applied directly to the skin, whether it's the face or other areas of the skin. In addition, Hemp oil is rich in Vitamin C, which promotes many benefits for your skin, particularly by boosting collagen production. Collagen is an essential protein that makes up around 25-30% of the body's protein and is responsible for making your tissue solid and stretchy. 

Similarly, hemp oils' rich Vitamin C levels also make them a tremendous anti-oxidant-rich oil. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin C are responsible for neutralising free radicals and other harmful environmental factors that reduce the appearance of your skin, leaving you looking and feeling older than you are! 

Healthy bones, joints and muscles 

As we naturally age, our bones, joints and muscles tend to feel stiffer, weaker and harder to use. This natural life process occurs in everybody, but it can leave you feeling older than your years! Joints, bones and muscles are essential to maintaing a fit, healthy and active lifestyle - so it is crucial to ensure they get the support they need. 


Hemp products such as hemp oil, seeds and protein powders offer a super simple and easy way to boost the health of your bones, joints and muscles.

For one, hemp-based products are rich in plant-based protein (containing all nine essential amino acids),  which is necessary for the growth, formation and health of your body. Likewise, hemp is also a great source of calcium, manganese and magnesium - all of which are vital nutrients needed to support your bones, muscles and joints' overall health and function. 

Brain Health 

The brain is a beautiful and complicated organ that we are only beginning to understand. The brain is, of course, responsible for ensuring our bodies run how they are supposed to, memory, activity levels, and so much more. Therefore, protecting your brain's health during your entire lifestyle is vital to ensuring you can maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle at any point in your life. 

Hemp seeds can provide particular benefits for your brain and its health. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of omega three and omega 6, both of which are vital fatty acids that protect your brain and boost cognitive function and can often be lacking in many people's diets.

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Protecting your brain's health will not only help keep your entire body healthy but having a healthy and properly functioning brain will encourage you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle throughout your life. 

Encourage a healthier diet. 

Sugar cravings are a normal and unfortunate part of our lives in the modern world, with more and more processed sugar options becoming readily available at the touch of your fingertips. It is no secret that excessive sugar intake plays havoc on our entire body and can actually make us look older faster.

This is because sugar and protein react, which causes advanced glycation end products and causes your skin to age more quickly. 

Additionally, an excessive sugar intake can cause blood sugar issues and leave you feeling less and less like yourself. Hemp is a potentially life-changing way of managing sugar cravings and possibly even helping to balance blood sugar levels.

The cannabinoids in hemp will send signals to your endocannabinoid system, which essentially quiets these 'sugar craving' signals your brain sends, helping you reduce your sugar intake naturally. 

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Reducing your sugar intake may seem like a large and looming feat to do, but with the help of hemp-based products, you may need to realise you are doing it! Sugar can seriously impact our overall health, and as you age, your body's ability to digest and dump excessive sugar seriously slows down. 

Balance hormones 

Hormones are pesky little things that everyone becomes well acquainted with during the teenage years (think acne, mood swings and sugar cravings!).

However, hormones play a vital role in our body's functioning, how we feel and how our lifestyle is played out daily. Hemp seeds are a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid which has been shown to have a positive effect on our hormones by helping them to remain balanced and leaving you feeling better every day.


Maintaining a fit, active and healthy lifestyle over 40 is entirely possible and made even easier with the help of hemp-based products.

So if you are over 40 or just looking for a way to increase your overall health, hemp is an ideal, affordable and super simple way to provide your body with all the support it would need to stay active and healthy during your lifetime.