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Working With Hemp Fabric & 7 Hemp Facts | Powerful Interview With Wildly Weaved

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Working with Hemp Fabric

Have you thought of working with Hemp Fabric in your fashion designs?

As lovers of all-things Hemp, one of our favourite things to see is fashion designers adopting Hemp as their fabric of choice.  Once hemp is broken down and processed into yarn, it can be spun into a 100% Hemp textile or a Hemp blend. 

Some of the more common blends include Hemp and Cotton/Organic Cotton, Hemp and Linen, and even Hemp and Silk!  

You can make any garment out of Hemp.  We even stock Hemp denim, which is remarkably soft and offers a great amount of stretch.  

This week, we had the incredible opportunity to interview Jess, the owner and sole designer for her homemade fashion brand Wildly Weaved. 

While we get into this, we'll cover some widespread ‘facts’ about Hemp Fabric so we can ask Jess her first-hand thoughts on them!

Working With Hemp Fabric: An Interview With Wildly Weaved

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When was your first time Working with Hemp fabric and what drew you to it?

I started using Hemp fabric in late 2020 when I was on the hunt for a more eco-conscious alternative to create clothing. I read a few different blog posts on the benefits it has, not only as an end product but how It can actually help heal and sustain our earth!  I had to give Hemp a go!

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Did you use Hemp first, or other fabrics before incorporating it in your work?

When I started the label, I was mostly using linen and offcuts of other natural fibres like cotton. 

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As a seamstress, did you have to adjust your techniques to work with Hemp?

Not at all! Making the transition over to hemp was rather easy. It's such a beautiful fibre to work with. With so many different blends, it's easy to find the perfect fabric for whatever I want to create at the time. It's also such a great fibre for playing around with Natural dyes. 

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Did you have to update or change the equipment you’d normally use?

Nope, I kept the original sewing machine and overlocker I have been using for years. 

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When it comes to garment care, do you treat it differently to linen or cotton?

I like to hand wash my hemp garments in warm water with a natural detergent. The fabric is durable enough to put in the washing machine, but I always prefer a lower temperature and air dry where I can to get the longest life out of my hemp clothing. 

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Do you prefer a Hemp blend or 100% Hemp?

This is a tough one! Every type of fabric you provide has its own unique quality and feel. I’ve fallen in love with the fabrics Mr Hemp Co provides. If I had to choose, I would say 100% hemp summer cloth. I love the structure it brings to a piece and It really does feel so soft and comfortable after a few washes! 

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Would you say Working with Hemp is easier, more challenging, or about the same to work with as cotton?

I have found it easier to work with.  It's such a versatile fibre and with the variety of fabrics Margaret River Hemp Co provides,  it is so easy to find a fabric to suit every creative project. 

You’ve been coming out with some amazing items lately, do you have any tips for anybody who is considering working with Hemp for their handmade garments?

Wash your fabric before creating a garment to really get the feel of how the fabric will fall.

Don't be afraid to play around a bit, try out a few different fabrics, you might be surprised at which one you like working with.

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Wrap-Up/Final Words

So, are you a fashion designer looking to try something a little bit more eco-friendly? Maybe you’ve had enough of lower quality, short-lived fabrics? Or potentially, you’ve just heard some standout reports about your friends using Hemp fabric for their garment creations.

This is your queue to give it a go!

2021 is potentially the easiest time since the early 1900s to get your hands on Hemp fabric to use for clothing.  So what are you waiting for?

Come and browse our wide selection of Hemp and Hemp blend fabrics today!

If you're interested in checking out Wildly Weaved's handmade Hemp clothing, head over and have a browse of her etsy store!