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An Animal Lovers Guide To Hemp Bedding

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By Georgina Wilkinson & Gary Rogers

At Margaret River Hemp Co., Hemp Homes Australia, and Margaret River Hemp Processing, we are not just advocates for the multifaceted uses of hemp but are also passionate about animal welfare.

One of the remarkable applications of hemp that we are excited about is hemp animal bedding, a natural solution that is changing the game for pet owners and farmers alike.

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Why Hemp Bedding is a Game-Changer?

Quality bedding is often an overlooked aspect of pet care. However, with hemp bedding, pet owners are discovering a world where absorbency, odour control, and cost-effectiveness converge, ensuring that pets are not only comfortable but also healthy.

Understanding Hemp

Hemp, a plant known for its versatility, is eco-friendly and requires minimal intervention to thrive. Its applications are diverse, and in the realm of animal care, hemp bedding is proving to be an indispensable asset.

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The Making of Hemp Bedding

Derived from the "hurd" of the cannabis plant, hemp bedding offers a straw-like, soft, and absorbent texture that is as kind to the animals as it is to the earth.

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Quick Facts About Hemp Bedding

  • Clumps for easy cleanup
  • Naturally repels pests
  • Highly absorbent
  • Controls odour
  • A single bale can last for three chickens for about half a year

Superior Absorbency: With the ability to absorb twice as much moisture as standard wood shavings, hemp bedding simplifies the cleaning process.

Natural Pest Repellent: The inherent properties of hemp effectively repel pests, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for animals.

Respiratory Health: Free from harmful components, hemp bedding promotes the respiratory health of pets.

Cost-Effective: The efficiency of hemp bedding reduces the frequency of replacements, saving time and money.

Sustainability: Hemp is often grown organically, marking a step towards eco-friendly animal care solutions.


The Added Comfort of Soft Fibres

One of the standout features of hemp bedding that we’ve observed and appreciated is the soft fibres.

These fibres are a sanctuary of comfort for animals, keeping them warm during the chilly winter months and cool during the scorching heat of summer.

It’s not just about the practical benefits; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for our beloved animals.
In our endeavours with Margaret River Hemp Co., Hemp Homes Australia, and Margaret River Hemp Processing, the transformative power of hemp is evident.

We invite you to consider hemp bedding for your pets – it’s a choice that speaks to care, quality, and sustainability.

For innovative and sustainable construction solutions, explore what we offer at Hemp Homes Australia, where every project is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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