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Explore Hemp This Summer: A Comprehensive Reading List

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As summer unfolds, it's the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of hemp through an enlightening reading journey. Hemp, with its vast applications ranging from sustainable building materials to nutritional food sources, offers a world of discovery.

This comprehensive reading list is curated to cover various aspects of hemp, from its role in eco-friendly construction and historical context to its culinary versatility. Each book provides unique insights into hemp's potential and is a must-read for anyone interested in this remarkable plant.

Hempcrete Building

"Building with Hemp" by Steve Allin

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This seminal book by Steve Allin is an essential guide for anyone interested in sustainable construction and eco-friendly building materials. Allin, a pioneer in the hemp building sector, offers his vast experience in using hemp in construction.

His book details the journey of hemp building and its potential for sustainable development.

It is an invaluable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing practical insights and a global perspective on hemp’s use in the building industry. More about Steve Allin's work.

"The Hempcrete Book" by William Stanwix & Alex Sparrow

"The Hempcrete Book" by William Stanwix & Alex Sparrow

A practical manual for architects, builders, and self-builders, "The Hempcrete Book" delves deep into the world of hemp-lime construction.

The authors provide detailed information on sourcing, mixing, and applying hempcrete in both new constructions and restorations.

The book is visually appealing, with illustrations that make it both informative and enjoyable to read. Discover the book here.

"Essential Hempcrete Construction" by Chris Magwood

"Essential Hempcrete Construction" is a comprehensive guide by Chris Magwood that offers an in-depth look into hempcrete as a natural insulation material.

It covers the entire process from procurement to finishing, including material specifications and budgeting. The book is ideal for those looking to incorporate hempcrete in their construction projects. Discover more from Chris Magwood.

Industrial Hemp/Cannabis & Prohibition

"The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer

"The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer

Jack Herer’s influential book is a deep dive into the history and potential of hemp, challenging misconceptions and revealing the truth about its benefits.

It's a compelling read for anyone interested in the history of hemp’s prohibition and the advocacy for its legalization. Learn more about Jack Herer's legacy.

"Hemp Bound" by Doug Fine

"Hemp Bound" by Doug Fine

In "Hemp Bound," Doug Fine investigates the global potential of hemp as a game-changer in agriculture and industry.

The book is an adventurous journey around the world, exploring the economic and environmental prospects of hemp.

Fine’s narrative is engaging and insightful, making it a must-read for sustainable agriculture enthusiasts. Doug Fine's insights on hemp.

"Billion Dollar Crop" - 1994 Documentary

This documentary, available on YouTube, offers a visual and historical exploration of hemp's industrial potential. It's an excellent visual companion to your summer reading list, providing a historical context and future prospects for hemp. Watch the documentary here.

Cannabis Edibles (Hemp Seed/Industrial Hemp)

"The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook"

"The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook"

This cookbook brings to your kitchen nearly 200 recipes that incorporate hemp in various forms. It caters to a wide range of dietary preferences, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore hemp in culinary creations. Find the cookbook here.

"The Hemp Cookbook - Inner Traditions"

Offering a range of recipes that blend the nutritional benefits of hemp seed with other healthful ingredients, "The Hemp Cookbook" is a celebration of hemp's versatility in the kitchen. It's perfect for those looking to combine health and taste in their cooking. Explore "The Hemp Cookbook".

"The Hempnut Cookbook: Tasty, Omega-Rich Meals from Hempseed"

"The Hempnut Cookbook: Tasty, Omega-Rich Meals from Hempseed"

Showcasing the versatility of hempseed, this cookbook features over 200 recipes. From beverages to main dishes and desserts, it demonstrates hempseed's culinary potential and health benefits. Discover "The Hempnut Cookbook".

"The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed"

"The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed"

This book is devoted to hemp seed, offering more than 50 low-fat, high-fiber, vegetarian recipes. It's ideal for those looking to incorporate hemp seeds into their diet for both health and taste. Check out the book here.

Each of these books provides a gateway into the diverse and fascinating world of hemp. They offer insights and inspiration for sustainable living, culinary explorations, and a deeper understanding of hemp's role in our society.

Enjoy your summer with these enlightening reads, and discover the incredible potential of hemp🌱