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Opinion: Australia Must Legalise Hemp Leaves Immediately! | 5 Remarkable Hemp Leaf Products

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Why is the rest of the Industrial variation of cannabis allowed to be used in products, but Hemp Leaves aren’t?  Leaves still contain minute amounts of THC yet. 

In terms of countries that have legalised Hemp for commercial uses, Australia is one of the only ones that force growers to discard & destroy their leaves.

It’s always a sad day when we have to get rid of an instrumental part of the plant!  As a small family business, it would make a massive difference for us to create products out of them.

The leaf has so many uses, and as we’ll explain later, it doesn’t contain anywhere near enough THC to get people high. Nor does it contain THC above what’s legally allowed in Hemp crops in the first place - when it comes to Hemp, only trace amounts exist anyways. 

This week, we're going to explore the supposed reasoning for Hemp leaves being illegal & explain why we think it’s essential that the Australian government takes another look at this.

What Are The Laws & Why Are Industrial Hemp Leaves Illegal?

In Australia, we're still subject to redundant laws that prohibit people from growing & using their Hemp products at home.  Industrial Hemp licences are required to develop a crop that has no recreational value - you couldn't get high if you tried. 

Currently, farmers are growing intending to yield Hemp Seed, Hemp Fibre, and Hemp Hurd.  We can use these parts of Hemp for commercial purposes once processed into their final form. In the attached blogs, you can read more about the various uses for Hemp Hurd, Hemp Fibre, and Hemp Seed.

However, even for those licences to farm Hemp, the leaves must be destroyed by law, which is very sad for us to do!  

We could do so much more with them! We'll give some examples.

What Would Hemp Leaves Being Legal Mean For Australia?

For Farmers…

  • Less hard-earned product wasted that took a great deal of effort to grow.
  • Increased revenue, which in turn improves the quality of life, encourages growth and maximises economic contributions from Industrial Hemp farmers.

For Manufacturers & Retail Businesses…

  • More options to offer in terms of product manufacturing in a brand new Industrial Hemp Sector
  • The possibility for retail stores to offer a new selection of products to consumers
  • An increase in revenue in both retail & manufacturing, leading to greater economic contributions, and even leading to the expansion of operations. 

For Consumers...

  • Consumers will have a wider variety of options available to them made from Hemp!  And with so many incredible benefits, who wouldn't want that? 

What Products Can Be Made From Hemp Leaves, And What Are Their Benefits?

Hemp Leaf Tea

  • Hemp Leaf Tea has been used for centuries - maybe even longer.  It’s known to relieve anxiety, may help with digestive problems, may help with sleep, and may even alleviate certain amounts of pain.

Hemp Juices & Smoothies

  • Raw Hemp leaves contain a huge range of nutrients, lots of antioxidants, and polyphenols that delay the rate of aging.  Much like the seeds, they are also rich in Omega 3 & 6, as well as digestible globular.

Liquified Hemp Leaf Capsules

  • Liquified Hemp Leaf capsules contain the same nutritional benefits as Juices & Smoothies, minus the added benefits from the fruit & veg used in them.  

Hemp Essential Oils

  • Hemp Essential Oil is very rare and expensive. It requires around 50 pounds of leaf to make one ounce (28g) of Hemp Essential oil, which has a highly concentrated and potent therapeutic aroma.

CBD Extracts

  • Hemp leaves also contain trace amounts of CBD. It's not enough to be detected in juices, smoothies, or any food with Hemp leaves.  However, 50lb of Hemp Leaves will yield a certain amount of CBD - this will depend on the strain, of course.

Final Words/Wrap-Up

As you can see, Hemp Leaves have a great deal of use for everyone - from farmers to consumers.  With the current laws surrounding the Hemp Industry, it’s reasonable to assume that the Australian government is simply trying to stop people from getting high. 

And honestly, that’s perfectly fine.  However, the matter is that just like the stalks & seeds, leaves will not serve that purpose even remotely.  The plants that we’re allowed to grow must not exceed 0.3% THC.  Even the cannabis flower/buds require a minimum of 7% THC to be considered viable for smoking.  

There is a lot of beneficial byproducts being discarded by Hemp farmers all over Australia every year.  And it’s more than just sad… It’s utterly wasteful.  Instead of being destroyed, we could put these leaves to use in food, drinks, and dietary supplements.  

We are pleading with the Australian government to reconsider the laws around Hemp leaves so that there is less waste product and more sources of revenue for those participating in the Australian Hemp Industry.